Fashion-Forward Radar: Why You Need a Fishing Vest

FashionOutfit ideasApril 23, 2024

Utility has been a growing trend for several seasons now. A penchant for pockets sparked the rise of cargo pants. And now we see pockets everywhere: on bags, skirts, coats, and other garments. Speaking of which, we’ve spotted a particular item on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways that you might have seen your father wear: the fishing vest. You’re fortunate to be reading this article before the fishing vest trend hits mainstream on TikTok.

Ahead of Time With a Fishing Vest

Pardon my French, but in the era of social media, you are either avant-garde or outdated. Once an item or style trends on Instagram or TikTok, it’s time to scout for the next big thing. Social networks have the power to ‘burn out’ a trend due to excessive exposure. This was the case with Dior’s Saddle bag and is currently happening with the Adidas Gazelle. Please, avoid being another person sporting pink trainers with green or yellow stripes. Check out here what’s next for Spring/Summer 2024.
With that said, the fishing vest trend is the latest in fashion. While every ‘clean girl’ is busy scooping up suit waistcoats, you should take the lead and start wearing your fishing vest right now.

Artist Joseph Beuys wearing his iconic fishing vest and fedora hat
Joseph Beuys @GotfrydBernard

Why Do We Like the Fishing Vest?

Prada introduced a series of fishing vests on the runway, inspired by the style of German artist Joseph Beuys, who famously wore one along with a felt fedora. This reference alone should suffice to make the fishing vest our favourite piece this season. Additionally, this piece brings a touch of the ‘Dad Jacket’ to mind, as my late father-in-law, who was an architect, wore one of these utilitarian vests while renovating a castle in Germany. Fond memories.

Collage with model wearing an oversized fishing vest from Hed Mayner SS24
Hed Mayner SS24

Some TikTok users are sporting various models of fishing vests as a novel travel hack to carry extra luggage without incurring additional airline fees. The hack is simple: fill the vest’s pockets to the brim and board the plane as human cabin luggage. It’s hilarious, yet not recommended to travel looking like a smuggler.
However, the good news is that the Patagonia vest, once a favourite among financial bros, is now passé.

How to Style a Fishing Vest?

Collage with model wearing a fishing vest in leather from Prada SS24
Prada SS24

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Prada advocates for an eclectic mix, which is precisely why I appreciate it. She combines two fresh additions to our wardrobe: the pencil skirt and the fishing vest, blending the skirt’s femininity with the vest’s practicality.

Collage with model wearing a fishing vest in leather from Louis Vuitton SS24
Louis Vuitton SS24

We can also take cues from Louis Vuitton‘s latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which featured vests paired with chic tailored trousers.

My own vest, which I purchased at the second-hand shop Humana in Vienna, is oversized. I style it with black leggings and a turtleneck top, layered with a shirt, and paired with loafers, boat shoes, or slingback sandals for a superb office look.

The men’s version is simpler, matching the vest with cargo trousers or jeans.

Collage with two male model wearing a fishing vest from Prada and Études SS24
Prada and Étudie SS24
Faded DenimCotton and Nylon Khaki VestBrown Cargo VestReversible Gabardine VestGreen Unity Vest

Et voilà, incorporate the fishing vest trend into your spring wardrobe as a fresh addition and keep the rest timeless and classic.

Photos Courtesy of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Wikimedia Commons, Étudie and Hed Mayner.