Big Bag Theory – 10 Bag Trends for SS 2024 That Matter

FashionTrendsFebruary 06, 2024

Don’t buy any new bags before reading this article about bag trends SS 2024.

Among all accessories, bags and shoes are at the pinnacle of essentials when piecing together a look or style. Consider that a bag and a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Hence, every year, we feel the compelling need to secure the bag of the season, the it-bag. However, the concept of an it-bag has evolved over numerous seasons. Instead, fashion now presents us with a variety of ‘it-bags’, featuring different sizes, models, and colours to suit all tastes and needs.

The year 2024 will be no exception. Fashion shows have showcased everything from the maximalism of bags by Miu Miu, Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta to the discreet envelope clutches from Tom Ford, Max Mara, and Dries van Noten. Continue reading as we delve into the bag trends SS 2024 that truly matter—not just any bag trends, but those that will become timeless additions to your wardrobe, are practical and will elevate your ensemble.

Very Personal Totes

bag trends ss24- personal Tote -collage with runway looks from Miu Miu and Balenciaga

The late singer and actress Jane Birkin, who lent her name to the iconic Hermès bag, was renowned for the chaotic manner in which she used to stuff her bags. She carried parts of her life in her bag, from notebooks and newspapers to children’s toys and baguettes. In celebration of Birkin’s memory, several fashion designers have introduced woven baskets and leather totes adorned with charms, keys, water bottles, sleep masks, and all sorts of chains.

How To Wear It: This spacious bag, which carries everything you need and displays your personal items, will complement a pleated skirt, polo shirt, and trainers. It also pairs well with a relaxed suit and denim. It’s a bag to be used during the day, at the office, to run your errands, and at the weekend.

A French Straw Basket with a Twist

bag trends ss24-woven bags -collage with runway looks from Loewe and Bottega Veneta.

Straw bags are among the most anticipated bag trends in SS 2024! But this year, instead of the typical beach bag, we’ll see bags made with woven straw and raffia. These bags exude summer but will be used at cocktails and other more elegant venues than the beach. Designer brands like Valentino, Loewe, Chanel, and Fendi have explored woven bags in their Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows.

How To Wear It: Pair your woven bag with denim, linen suits, knit tube dresses, and Bermuda shorts.

Bucket Bags on Your List

bag trends ss24- bucket bags-collage with runway looks from Miu Miu, Ferragamo and Fendi

We’re always borrowing references from past decades, and this time, it’s the bucket bags, popular in the ’70s and again in the 2010s. This familiar shape is back, but larger and with great style. The Spring/Summer 2024 bucket bags come in sophisticated materials and are oversized.

How To Wear It: These bags go well with everything. But you can explore safari looks like those from Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2024, and the athleisure looks from Bottega Veneta. We loved the way Miu Miu paired it with a gold lamé dress and surfer sandals.

Power Briefcase

bag trends ss24- briefcase bags-collage with runway looks from Hermés, Bally and Ferragamo

This is one of the most original bag trends SS 2024. We’ve already adopted the men’s suit, as seen in the wardrobes of the Princess of Wales and Queen Letizia, but now we’re also embracing the briefcase. Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Bally, and Ferragamo suggest this structured shape with a masculine vibe that’s practical and chic at the same time.

How To Wear It: Embrace a masculine style, including a tie or a thin scarf, as we’ve seen in looks from Max Mara and Saint Laurent. Also, You can style the look with skirts and dresses, balancing masculine and feminine sides. Loafers and high heels are the way to go with this bag.

The Chain Effect

bag trends ss24- chained bags-collage with runway looks from Givenchy, Michael Kors and Loewe

The influence of the ’70s is evident not only with bucket bags but also with the chain bag trend. Michael Kors was inspired by Studio 54, while Givenchy and Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2024 envisioned the woman from the late ’70s and early ’80s. My favourite bag from Loewe fits perfectly into the Mod Wife style.

How to Wear It: Experiment with a men’s shirt, pleated wide-leg trousers, and high heels.

Push the Envelope

bag trends ss24- envelope bags-collage with runway looks from Dries van Noten, Max Mara and Tom Ford

Not everything is oversized and blingy in the bag trends SS 2024. Max Mara, Tom Ford, and Dries van Noten play with the idea of something discreet and slim to be carried by hand. You won’t be able to carry everything that fits in Miu Miu’s Tote bag, but you can choose just the essentials now and then, right?

How to Wear It: Ideal for lunches, dinners, cocktails, and any occasion that isn’t an office look.

Are You Red?

bag trends ss24- red bags -collage with runway looks from Bally, Valentino and Altuzarra

Red, the star colour of this winter, will continue to shine in spring and summer. A red bag is perfect for adding a pop of colour to monochromatic and more serious outfits.

How to Wear It: Pair a red bag with an all-denim look, or use it to break up the monotony of a black suit. The classic combination of beige trousers and a blue shirt gets an extra touch of charm with a red bag.

Attenzione, Pockets!

bag trends ss24- pocket bags-collage with runway looks from acne studios, Max Mara and Fendi

Imagine cargo trousers turned into a bag. That’s the concept behind this trend; a bag full of pockets. Acne, Max Mara, Fendi, and Miu Miu have all embraced the pocket trend.

How to Wear It: Perfect with denim and any Y2K outfit.

Bejewelled Bags

bag trends ss24- bejwelled bags-collage with runway looks from Versace, Stella Mc Cartney and Gucci

The Spring/Summer 2024 bag trends list includes options for those who want to be cool and elegant, but also for those seeking moments of glamour and excess. Gucci, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, and Stella McCartney play with the idea of a woman having an eternal glamour moment, no matter the time or day. To improve the world, I recommend starting the day with two doses of Swarovski crystals.

Big Bags

bag trends ss24- big bags-collage with runway looks from Loro Piana, Prada and Bottega Veneta

Are you a tall woman? Do you have a job that keeps you out all day? Do you carry weight at the gym three times a week for more than a year? If you answered yes, you are the perfect candidate for this 2024 bag trend. These are giant bags that can fit your entire life inside. Prada, Victoria Beckham, and Christian Dior are some of the fashion brands that have embraced this big concept.

How To Wear It: Dior paired the big bag with a glossy Mary Jane shoe. Jil Sander went with a trench coat and loafers.


The Spring/Summer 2024 season brings a versatile mix of bag trends that cater to every style and necessity. From very personal totes that remind us of Jane Birkin’s iconic style to practical power briefcases and bejewelled bags for a touch of glamour, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of a French straw basket or the bold statement of a big bag, these trends offer a way to express your individuality while staying atop the fashion game. The key is to choose pieces that not only complement your wardrobe but also reflect your style, ensuring these bags become enduring additions rather than fleeting trends.