8 Must-Have Workwear For Spring/Summer 2024

Spring is truly upon us now, bringing warmer temperatures and plenty of rain.
Therefore, now is the perfect time to revisit all the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows. From Sarah Burton’s last collections for Alexander McQueen to Peter Hawkins’ debut for Tom Ford, we’ve combed everything to assemble the perfect office-look capsule collection. Explore our guide to the 8 must-have workwear pieces for your Spring/Summer 2024 wardrobe, featuring a blend of innovative designs and refreshed classics.

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1- Pencil Skirt: New Elegance at Work

Givenchy – Zimmermann – Dries van Noten – Zimmermann

This season welcomes comfort with open arms, showcasing suits in relaxed, oversized silhouettes widely embraced by designers and readily available at brands like Mango, Frank Shop, and Sezane. The game-changer, however, is the pencil skirt ensemble, a modern nod to the 50s and 60s, introduced by fashion houses such as Dries van Noten, Miu Miu, Zimmermann, and Givenchy. These sleek, contemporary sets pair perfectly with sneakers, sandals, or heels, adapting to various workplace environments. Remember, the ideal skirt length hovers around the knee, ensuring a blend of elegance and subtlety that’s sure to elevate office morale.

2- Bermuda Shorts: A Fresh Alternative

Dries van Note – Victoria Beckham – Dries van Noten

This season challenges the conventional suit with a refreshing twist: Bermuda shorts paired with oversized blazers, a chic proposition by Victoria Beckham and Dries van Noten. When matched with feminine high heels, they strike a perfect balance. Bermuda shorts, extending to the knee, offer a comfortable yet fashionable choice, steering clear of the fleeting no-pants or micro-shorts fads.
Fashion has tried hard to convince us that walking around in knickers is cool. Trust me, that trend doesn’t leave the red carpet and some fashionista feeds on Instagram. In real life, the option is Bermuda shorts.

3- Slingbacks: Day to Night Versatility

Brown Saint Laurent – Red Mango – Black TotemeButter Yellow Jacquemus

In all its variations from flats to heels, the slingback emerges as a staple footwear for the season. Perfect for pairing with anything from flared jeans to pencil skirts, the slingback adds a feminine touch to any outfit, embodying the essence of Spring/Summer 2024’s style. Picture an ensemble straight from Celine’s SS24 Collection, but with Adidas trousers and slingback sandals for a chic twist. Plus, their timeless appeal ensures they’re a wise investment beyond just one season.

4- Embracing White: The Hue of Harmony

Ferragamo – Sacai – Miu Miu

Designers like Valentino, Gabriela Hearst, and Prada have embraced all-white ensembles, presenting white as a fresh alternative to the pastel colours of the past summers. A pristine white piece, such as a sophisticated dress, is essential in your professional wardrobe, symbolizing peace and harmony both in the office and beyond.

5- Statement Chains: Elevate Your Accessory Game


If your workwear collection is crying out for a new handbag, choose one adorned with a chain. Brands like Loewe and Bottega Veneta showcase bags where chunky, metallic chains double as bold jewellery pieces, adding a touch of vintage glamour to your look.

6- The Red Spectrum: A Bold Energy Boost

Mango Jacket – Gucci Bag – COS Dress – Loro Piana Cap

This season, a spectrum of reds from vibrant to deep bordeaux invigorates the workplace. Whether you opt for a head-to-toe ensemble as COS suggests or sprinkle in red accents, it’s time to give your pink items a well-deserved break.

7- Athletic Aesthetics: From Gym to Office

Gucci – Dries van Noten – Saint Laurent

The sportswear resurgence is undeniable, with brands like Miu Miu, Celine, and Gucci reimagining athletic staples for the office. These pieces blend comfort with innovation, challenging you to mix and match to create the necessary contrast. Wear the sweatshirt with large gold earrings and a pencil skirt, for example. And try your track pants with high heels. We’ve found these Needless, Max Mara Leisure and Ami Paris track pants for you.

8- The Utility Jacket: A Spring Staple

Miu Miu – Prada – Gucci

Spring’s fluctuating temperatures call for versatile outerwear. This year, the spotlight is on the boxy worker jacket, available in a variety of materials from leather to waxed cotton. Its structured yet relaxed silhouette provides the perfect contrast to the softness of a pencil skirt or the charm of a floral dress. For styling inspiration, look no further than the latest from Prada, Gucci, and Miu Miu. Check these models too: in denim , leather, cotton Khaki and crackel leather.

With these 8 key pieces, your Spring/Summer 2024 workwear wardrobe is set to impress. But remember, the true essence of professional style lies not just in what you wear, but in how you carry yourself. Be diligent, supportive, and above all, kind, for it’s through our daily work that we enrich not only our own lives but those around us. You are the change-maker!