Classic style: please, don’t mistake classic for boring Easy styling tricks.

November 15, 2021

Many people think that dressing in classic style means wearing boring clothes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The top AW 21-22 current trends dictated not only by Fashion Week but also street style, Instagram and TikTok can help you revisit classic looks creating contemporary silhouettes with a twist. In other words, you can have fun with your wardrobe by spicing up classic outfits thanks to the right styling. We will show you, for example,  how to wear your classic skirt suits and grey trousers in a modern style that looks totally contemporary.

The good thing about investing in good-quality classic clothes is that they are timeless, and you can extend the life of these pieces by knowing how to take good care of them. Additionally, adding the right accessories or combining your classic style garments with one statement item will take your essentials instantly from boring to fabulous. Check next our styling suggestions.

Browns and beiges with a twist

The first timeless look for fall and winter that come to my mind are beige pants and a pullover combo. Although the style is classic and elegant, it risks looking a bit boring and not modern. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider giving your outfit a masculine twist. For example, wear a retro-style cardigan and a cap like this boyish runway look Ralph Lauren presented for Fall 21. You may also want to read Hat trend AW21: say hello to your baseball cap to see why this will be the must-have accessory this season.

Masculine look

@Ralph Lauren.

How to wear classic grey and not look boring on a grey day

Play with proportions to achieve a far from a boring look with a classic grey suit. An oversized blazer brings nowness to the timeless look, and you can style the trousers as Malene Birger did for her Fall 21 collection; the knee-length boots change the silhouette of the otherwise classic trousers.

Playing with proportions.

@By Malene Birger.

Contemporary pleated skirt

The bourgeois pleated skirt is a timeless basic for colder seasons. But in 2021, you should choose models with wide pleats or fringes that make the style of this classic staple more modern and anything but boring. So, find out more about this trend and shop our selection in Fall 2021 must-have item: The new pleated skirt we’re waiting to wear.

Wide pleats, please.

@Max Mara.

Updating the skirt suit

Update your classic skirt suits with clogs, one of the A/W 21 shoe trends that can transform even the most boring look in an instant. Layer a turtleneck under the shirt, and choose a model with sleeves longer than the ones of the blazer for a cool and chic office look like this Tory Burch outfit.

Classic skirt suit doesn't look boring with modern styling and clogs.

Turtleneck and clogs add a modern touch.

@Tory Burch.

Pants and skirt combo

One of the trends present in most AW 21-22 runways is pants layered under skirts or dresses. This styling trick is excellent to keep you warm and add some edge to your outfit. So, don’t be afraid to look boring in a monochrome grey look, just wear matching trousers under your classic style skirt. The result looks so modern that it will boost your mood even on the greyest of days.

Layering is the key.

@Alberta Ferretti.

Cover photo @MaxMara. All photos are courtesy of the designers

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