Embrace 2024 with the Latest Fashion Trends and Fresh Ideas

Brand A-ZFashionJanuary 21, 2024

As we waltz into 2024, it’s time to shake up our style game with the hottest 2024 fashion trends. New year, new fashion. Well, sort of. Over the past few years, fashion has remained loyal to certain styles and looks. From the relaxed jeans and wide legs to the unshakeable allure of 90s and Y2K vibes, fashion in 2024 is a blend of evolution and nostalgia. In this piece, we’re diving deep into the 2024 fashion trends – spotlighting the brands, colours, and styles that made waves in 2023 and are set to soar even higher this year. Notorious is on a mission to keep you ahead of the curve, decking out your wardrobe with the freshest ideas and must-follow 2024 fashion trends.

Key Brands to Watch in 2024

Miu Miu SS24

Tagwalk, the go-to fashion platform, has crowned Miu Miu as the ultimate trendsetter, emerging as 2023’s most sought-after brand. Their SS24 show? A viral sensation. Following closely are style mavens like Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Celine, and Dior. And let’s not forget Louis Vuitton’s Menswear SS24 – the runway show that had everyone talking, sharing, and obsessing. We’re totally LVERS for it!

The Rising Stars of 2024 Fashion Trends

2024 is shaping up to be the year of unexpected heroes. Luar, though small in traffic, has shown a meteoric rise in popularity, thanks in part to Raul Lopez’s nomination for the LVMH Prize. Schiaparelli‘s ready-to-wear debut in FW23 led to a staggering 120% boost, making it a brand to watch in 2024. The Row, Bally, and Ferragamo aren’t far behind, each bringing something unique to the 2024 fashion trends table – from minimalist luxury to fresh creative visions.

The Row Black Jumper Dress – Luar Brown Dress – Schiaparelli Suit – Salvatore Ferragamo White Skirt and Shirt – Bally Red Coat and Checked Mini Skirt

2024’s Colour Palette: From Bold to Pastel

Red took the crown for the most searched colour on Tagwalk in 2023, and guess what? It’s here to stay in 2024 fashion trends. If you’ve splurged on anything red recently, you’re right on trend. Also making the cut for SS24 are sky blue, white, and lavender – perfect picks for your winter sale hauls. And pink? Well, let’s just say it’s time for a Barbiecore break.

Stella McCartney Blur Suit – Vivienne Westwood Lavender Suit – Isabel Marant Red Jumpsuit – Chloé White Dress

Quiet Luxury and More: What’s Big in 2024

Minimalist looks, top-notch materials, and timeless designs – the Quiet Luxury aesthetic is ruling the 2024 fashion trends. But don’t overlook the 90s and Y2K styles; they’re not just holding strong, they’re skyrocketing. Workwear and utility looks, after making a splash last year, are set to climb even higher on the trend ladder in 2024.

Givenchy Black Skirt Suit – Coperni Cropped Suit – Saint Laurent Safari Jumpsuit – Carven Metallic Set

Consumer Faves: Clothes to Covet in 2024

Trench coats, suits, and skirts are ruling the search engines, and rightly so. These classics are getting a 2024 makeover, keeping them at the forefront of fashion trends. And let’s not forget about metallics, transparent fabrics, draped dresses, and fringes – these are the names to remember when hitting those sales.
A little style tip: comfort and decency never go out of fashion, so feel free to skip the nano-micro skirts and transparent trends. After all, even Victoria Beckham isn’t a fan!

Accessories in the Spotlight

While sneakers and mini bags saw a dip, flat shoes, low heels, and ballerinas have surged in popularity, marking a shift in the 2024 fashion trends towards practical yet chic footwear.

2024 Fashion Trends: The Wrap-Up

Sonia Rykiel Striped Dress – Maison Kitsiné Denim Skirt – Acne Studio SS24

So, as we glide into 2024, keep these trendsetters in mind: draped dresses and tops, mini lengths, trench coats, the Quiet Luxury wave, workwear chic, the 90s and Y2K throwbacks, the colour red, anything metallic, and, of course, flat shoes. Stay stylish, and remember to buy better.

Photos and Data Courtesy Tagwalk