#Coppolacore – Sofia Coppola Drops Her First Line of Lip Balms

AgelessBeautyMay 06, 2024

Our forever style crush, Sofia Coppola, just threw us a curveball—she’s launched her line of lip balms! Yup, you heard that right. The genius behind “The Virgin Suicides” is teaming up with the luxury skincare wizard Augustinus Bader to bring us some lip love. Talk about unexpected, but hey, we’re here for it!

Her Lip Balm Collection Rocks the #Coppolacore Aesthetic

Now, we’re not promising you’ll suddenly channel Marie Antoinette vibes or Scarlett Johansson’s pout from ‘Lost in Translation’. However, this collab between Coppola and Augustinus Bader totally taps into that Girlhood Trend we’ve been vibing with since 2023. Think rosy cheeks, cute lips, and all those adorable hair accessories. It’s like stepping into one of Sofia Coppola’s dreamy flicks, with a sprinkle of Sandy Liang’s hair bows and Simone Rocha’s floaty dresses. And why not throw in some Miu Miu powder pink ballerinas for good measure?

Collage showing Sofia Coppola wearing a blue shirt and a gold cartier wristwatch and three of her lip balms

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The Sofia Coppola Vibe Meets Augustinus Bader Quality

Beyond the Girlhood aesthetic, Sofia Coppola’s lip balm line is right on the money with today’s beauty trends with hybrid products. We’re talking tinted balms that moisturise and give your lips some serious TLC. Crafted with plant-based goodness and Augustinus Bader’s TFC8 patented technology, these lip balms come in three fab shades: a deep pink, an earthy plum, and a coral pop.

detail of the three colours of the new lip balm line from Sofia Coppola in collaboration with Augustinus Bader.

The lip balms come in three fab shades: a deep pink, an earthy plum, and a coral pop.

The dark pink is from a favourite discontinued lipstick I used to get at a drugstore in Paris, and red coral is based on a colour I like when at the beach or in summer,” Coppola spilt about the collab. “The darker plum is a deep colour that looks like a deeper tint of your lips.

And you know what’s the best part? Sofia Coppola insisted on these babies being tinted balms instead of your usual lipstick. “I always love lip balms and I’m always searching for the perfect one that you can put on like a chapstick and gives a hint of colour, that’s easy and gives a little lift and doesn’t look make-up-y.” she said.

Plus, these lip balms don’t just look good—they’re packed with goodness too, plumping up your lips and smoothing out any lines. So, not only will your lips look lush, but they’ll feel ah-mazing too.

photo of Sofia's Coppola lip balms on a mirror surface.

Available on Augustinus Bader Onlineshop

Where to get your hands on these babies

Sofia Coppola’s trio of Lip Balms are now available on Augustinus Bader’s online store for €40. The only quibble? The packaging. Compared to the #coppolacore aesthetic, the lip balm packaging could have mirrored Augustinus Bader’s signature blue in a softer pastel hue. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

All Images Courtesy of @AugustinusBader