#OutfitCostChallenge: Can You Spot an Expensive Outfit?

FashionNewsNovember 22, 2023

The Outfit Cost Challenge is the latest buzz in the fashion world on TikTok. Kicked off by two savvy editors from Eliza.co.uk, this trend involves donning what appears to be identical outfits and asking Joe Public which one they reckon is the pricey number. To get a handle on the buzz, the hashtag #OutfitCostChallenge has clocked up a whopping 23 million views on TikTok. This article spills the beans on what this trend spells for the fast fashion arena and luxe labels. Plus, we’re tackling the €2,300 question (yeah, that’s the price tag on Loewe’s lush trench coat): who can actually tell a designer outfit from a high street one?

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Fast Fashion vs Luxury: The Style Skirmish

The tug-of-war between fast fashion and designer brands doesn’t look like it’s going to ease up anytime soon. #OutfitCostChallenge is just scratching the surface. TikTok vids are airing the dirty laundry of how designer threads are being shamelessly knocked off. Take Zara and Mango, nicking designs like Toteme’s pullovers (just one cheeky example) while trying to fob us off with their so-called ‘original’ yet pricier collections.
So, who’s to blame? It’s time for some home truths: it’s down to us, the shoppers. Most are still after a bargain. Scratch that, they want dirt-cheap deals. Only a few fashionistas are championing sustainability and quality over quantity. The fast fashion culture is going stronger than ever. And what about the Quiet Luxury trend? Seems like everyone’s snapping up black, beige, and grey polyester numbers, thinking they’re flying under the radar.

#OutfitCostChallenge: Perception vs Reality

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In the TikTok Challenge, most folks are left scratching their heads, trying to pick out the luxe from the less. But let’s talk about these judges. As the saying goes, ‘the truth hurts’; they’re baffled because they’re not clued up on luxury. Here’s the tea: those who shop at H&M have a totally different eye from those splurging at Le Bon Marché (that swanky French department store under LVMH’s wing). The former lot can’t spot the fine points that jack up a coat’s price tag from €78 to a steep €2,300. Take the tale of four winter coats. The gap between your run-of-the-mill faux fur polyester and Max Mara’s posh Teddy coat spun from camel wool and silk, is stark. That’s not even touching on the disparities in stitching and tailoring.
If you can’t spot it, you’re not in the know. It’s not a case of fast fashion playing twinsies with luxe brands.

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Buy Less, Buy Better: A Shift in Style Sense

The noughties had us thinking it was all the rage to bag new garb every week. But if you’ve been keeping tabs on #OldMoney, another TikTok fad, you’ll know there’s nothing more blue-blooded than outfit repeating and rocking vintage. Loads of comments on #outfitcostchallenge videos are bigging up fast fashion as the only fix for those on a shoestring budget. But get this: if you curb your shopping sprees, you can splash out on quality pieces. It’s simple math – buy less, but buy luxe. Your wardrobe lasts longer and you’re in the slow-fashion lane.

Cheap is Naff, Pricy is Ace?

Jein, this Austrian gem meaning Yes (Ja) and No (Nein) all at once, hits the nail on the head here. Some high-end garments just aren’t worth their salt, while other affordable labels are bang on the money in terms of quality. The trick? Hunt down gear made from natural materials, locally produced (our neck of the woods being Europe), and crafted to last. If Stella McCartney’s price tags make your wallet weep, fear not. We’ve scoped out other fab brands that don’t cost the earth and still champion sustainable chic. Dive into this piece for our top picks.

Wrapping It Up: The Fashion Face-Off Continues

So there you have it, fashionistas and style gurus! The #OutfitCostChallenge on TikTok isn’t just a flash in the pan; it’s a mirror reflecting our current fashion conundrums. It’s a battleground where perceptions of luxury and thriftiness duke it out, leaving us to ponder the real value behind our wardrobe choices.

What’s the takeaway? It’s high time we shifted our gaze from the price tags to the essence of what we’re donning. Whether it’s a high-street steal or a luxe splurge, the true worth lies in how these pieces resonate with our personal style and ethics. Remember, it’s not just about being able to tell apart a designer piece from a high-street lookalike; it’s about understanding the impact of our fashion choices on the world and our wallets.

As we navigate through the maze of fast fashion and luxury labels, let’s aim to be more conscious consumers. Our mantra? Buy less, choose well, make it last. Whether it’s rocking timeless vintage finds or investing in a few high-quality pieces that stand the test of time, let’s make each choice count.

So, next time you’re eyeing that trendy piece, ask yourself: is it a fleeting fancy or a long-term love affair? The world of fashion is evolving, and so should our mindset. Let’s make sustainability and informed choices the new vogue. After all, in the grand fashion face-off, the real winners are those who dress with purpose and passion.

Stay stylish, stay woke, and keep slaying the fashion game, one outfit at a time!