How To Look Fabulous in Your Skiwear This Season

October 27, 2021

It’s time to take a look and dust off your skiwear. So the first question is: what kind of skier are you? The sporty type who can’t wait to hit the slopes? Or are you more into the après-ski scene? You know, you love sipping your hot chocolate or vin brulé while chatting with friends and enjoying the mountain sun. Whichever type you are, one thing is sure: in our book, ski season means fabulous skiwear and reminds us of the incredibly stylish Audrey Hepburn in the movie Charade.

Audrey Hepburn in Charade @Universal

Having a fabulous skiwear can be quite tricky, though. You want to feel warm but do not want to look like the Michelin Man, you need high-tech functional clothes but want to look sophisticated too. And with many different styles, it is challenging to choose the best skiwear. Crazy prints, bright neon colours or colour blocks? Maybe black from head to toe?

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In Gstaad, St Moritz and Kitzbühel, chic style is always in. So, get inspired by the 60s and take our darling Audrey as a role model. It means fuseau leggings and all sorts of flattering pants and suits in stretch materials.

Be daring with colours and patterns, like classic red, chic pastel colours, and vintage graphics from the Perfect Moments brand. Different from the past years, same colour jacket and pants are a must; monochromatic outfits, popular in the city, will invade the slopes.

Whatever is the style of your choice, the major trend this year is to wear eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, and sustainable natural materials. Use and abuse of faux fur and crochet, in this way, you will master the mountain retro fashion.

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