Are you Old Money or New Money? The quiz! We can tell.

June 18, 2019

Do you think we can tell if you’re Old Money or New Money? Or New Money trying to pass off as Old Money?

Take our quiz:

1 – I want to have 100k followers on Instagram and be the queen of TikTok.

2 – I want to get a table at The Polo Bar in New York City.

3 – I want to be greeted by name at my neighbourhood’s cantina.

We know you’re old money or new money if your favourite handbag is

1- The newest designer bag, as long as the logo is big and loud.

2 – Any bag Instagrammers are carrying.

3 – Grandmother’s Croco bag.

Your favourite weekend spot is

1- Anywhere I can get a selfie with celebrities for my Instagram.

2 – An old castle turned into a fancy hotel.

3 – My family home in the countryside.

You are old money if your sport is

1 – Going boat racing.

2 – Playing football.

3 – Playing polo, golf or tennis.

How old is your favourite jacket?

1- I’ve just bought it as soon as the latest collection hit the stores.

2 – I’ve bought it on sale last year.

3 – I have no idea, it was mother’s.

What car do you drive and how old is it?

1 – I only drive brand new sports cars.

2 – I drive a vintage collector’s car.

3 – I can’t remember, but it’s still running fine.

You are new money if at the restaurant

1- I order the most expensive wine because it must be the best one.

2 – I choose the wine I saw in my wine tasting course so that I can talk extensively, like a connoisseur, about the bouquet, taste and aftertaste, the texture, weight, structure, etc.

3 – I always drink my family or friend’s wine.

How often do you buy jewellery?

1 – So often I don’t keep track of that.

2 – I need to wear jewellery on special occasions so I buy some once in a while.

3 – Does one buy jewellery?

When asked where’s your family’s street

1 – Because my family doesn’t own a street, I feel offended and plan to buy an entire village to name the streets after myself.

2 – I wonder why they want to know my parent’s address.

3 – I wonder whether they talking about the family on my mother or my father’s side.

Where do you eat when you go to Royal Ascot?

1 – I have lunch at the Norfolk Restaurant in the Royal Enclosure, the second sitting, naturally.

2 – I have sandwiches at the Coffee Corner of the Grandstand.

3 – I have a picnic with friends, which I may order from Fortnum and Mason or bring from home, next to my car in the Royal Enclosure’s Car Park One.

When taking our Old Money, New Money quiz, you think

1 – It is offensive and classist, and I am never going to read Notorious again.

2 – I think hard to know which is the best answer to choose.

3 – I find it fun and utterly silly, as any good quiz should be.

Our quiz score:

Are you Old Money or New Money_ The quiz

10 points for answer 1. 5 points for answer 2. 1 point for answer 3.

11 – 26:  You are so Old Money nobody knows exactly how much you’re worth. As a matter of fact, nobody even knows if you still have money at all.

27 – 70: You’re working hard to look like you were born into wealth, but you still feel the need to let people know you have money, which ruins your attempt at passing off as Old Money. Don’t worry, nothing that one or two generations cannot fix.

71 – 110: Your money is so new the ink is not even dry on it. You flaunt your wealth with flashy cars, big diamonds and expensive clothes, and you like it.

Share your result on Facebook if you got Old Money, if not, wait a few years and try our quiz again.

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