20 Must-Have Styling Tricks for AW23-24

FashionOutfit ideasNovember 13, 2023

Notorious is hot on the heels of the trends you absolutely need in your wardrobe for AW23-24. Sure, we’ve already chatted about the game-changing colours and shoes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also sifted through the cream of the crop from fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris. But, drumroll please, this post is the pièce de résistance that will arm you with the know-how to stride into the new season with unshakeable confidence. Best part? You won’t have to break the bank to refresh your wardrobe. So, buckle up and let’s dive into these 20 killer styling hacks for AW23-24!

1- Coats & Boots Galore

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - coat and boots

Dries van Noten and Isabel Marant

Your coats should be skimming the knee, but your boots? The sky’s the limit, mate! Aim for over-the-knee sass as seen in Dries van Noten and Isabel Marant AW23-24 collections.

2- Yeehaw with Cowboy Boots and Jeans

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - cowboy boots and wide legs

Isabel Marant

Go full cowboy chic by tucking your wide-legged jeans into your trusty cowboy boots. A nod to Isabel Marant’s runway magic.

3- The Hoodie Hack

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - hoodie and caban jacket

Miu Miu

Layer a snug grey hoodie under a caban jacket a la Miu Miu. This trick is as easy as pie.

4- Leggings Unleashed

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - leggings are back

Miu Miu

Unchain your leggings from the gym and strut them on the streets. Pair ’em up with a long coat and some snazzy sneakers or loafers.

5- The Twin Set Comeback

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - ltwin sets are back

Miu Miu

It’s a revival, folks! Miu Miu’s breathed new life into the humble twin set. Rock yours with jeans or a pencil skirt and let Emma Corrin handle the undies spotlight.

6- Drop It Low with Low-Rise Trousers

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - low rise pants

Miu Miu

You read that right—low-rise trousers are making a comeback, as spotted in Miu Miu’s AW23-24 line-up.

7- The Bustier Dress & Pullover Mashup

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - bustier and pullover

Louis Vuitton

Fancy up a strapless dress by throwing on a pullover or a long-sleeved tee. Louis Vuitton, you’re a genius!

8- Mini & Mighty

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - mini skirts and biker boots


Miniskirts and shorts are the toast of the town, especially when rocked with tall, chunky boots.

9- Cinch It with Dresses and Belts

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - dress and belt

Louis Vuitton

Turn heads by pairing a pullover dress with a slim belt to cinch in that waist.

10- Doll Dresses & Sneakers

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - feminine dresses and sneakers

Cecilie Bahnsen

Dress down your frilly, ultra-femme dresses with some laid-back sneakers. Kudos to Cecilie Bahnsen for the inspo.

11- Skirt Suits & Boots, Baby!

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - skirt suit and boots

Chloé and Sandro

The golden rule: Mix the unexpected. Pair your power skirts with grunge-inspired biker boots. Hats off to Chloé and Sandro!

12- Shirt & Skirt Harmony

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - big shirt and skirts


Marry men’s shirts with voluminous skirts for a look that’s a one-size-fits-all win. Hats off to Dior.

13- Glittering Gold

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - something gold

Dries van Noten

A touch of gold is the cherry on top this season. Go for gold but make it navy, like Dries van Noten.

14- Retro Midi Skirts

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - voluminous midi skirt


Channel 1950s Paris by teaming full midi skirts with pullovers or twin sets and pointed pumps. Prada, we salute you.

15- The Posh Jeans Trick

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 -wide legs jeans and pointed shoes

Nili Lotan

Elevate your relaxed, wide-legged jeans with sleek, pointed-toe pumps. Chic as chips!

16- Pencil Skirts & Leather Jackets

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - leather jacket and pencil skirt

Saint Laurent

Shake up the pencil skirt’s straight-laced vibe by teaming it with an oversized leather jacket. As seen in Saint Laurent’s AW23-24 runway extravaganza.

17- Ballerinas & Socks for the Win

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - socks and ballerina


Slip into some ballet flats with thick socks. Trust us; it’s the bee’s knees. Via Place des Tendances.

18- The Skinny Jeans Revival

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - skinny jeans

Celine and Jimmy Choo

Celine and Jimmy Choo reckon it’s high time skinny jeans made a comeback. Dig yours out and pair it with knee-high boots.

19- Pastel & Beige Dream

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - beige and pastel colours


Revamp your beige trousers with a lilac or pastel-hued pullover. Think pistachio or slate blue. Dreamy! Via Ami.

20- Channeling Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 - carolyn bessette-kennedy

Sporty and Rich

Sporty and Rich‘s AW23-24 lookbook tips its hat to ’90s icons John Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette. Emulate her effortless style with an oversized blazer, white tee, straight jeans, and a triangular scarf. Swap out the flip-flops for some cosy Birkenstock clogs if your tootsies get chilly.

And there you have it! With these 20 indispensable styling tricks up your sleeve, you’re set to turn heads and rejuvenate your wardrobe this AW23-24. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

Feature image courtesy of Sporty and Rich. All photos courtesy of the brands