How your white t-shirt is a key transitioning piece From winter to spring.

Outfit ideasApril 05, 2022

As we enter spring, I’ve been thinking about the one basic staple that helps you better transition from winter to summer, the white t-shirt. Because, when it comes to transitioning pieces, nothing is as versatile as the minimalist tee; one of the most timeless pieces you can own!

Although you can find very affordable white t-shirts in shops like H&M, you should consider investing in better quality garments that last longer and look more polished. In short, a good-quality tee will make all the difference in your look. The Olsen twins, for example, started their über-exclusive luxury fashion brand The Row by creating the perfect white T-shirt. As a result, the deceivingly simple top was an instant success among chic fashion-savvy women who didn’t mind paying more for an excellent tee.

Two fashionistas transitioning into spring wearing the white t-shirt staple.
Two perfect transitional outfits for spring. Street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Photos courtesy of CPHFW.

So, we will show you ten stylish ways to wear your trust-worthy tee in springtime. By the way, these styling tricks will help you give a longer life to pieces you already own and achieve a sustainable wardrobe.

Pair a blazer and white t-shirt

While the weather is still chillier, wear a blazer over the tee to look effortlessly chic. You can use this combination with jeans or tailored pants for a relaxed yet polished office look. So, get inspired by the minimalist look of Debora Carminati. She wears a navy jacket and carries a navy pullover to keep her warm in style. Finally, the Italian Instagrammer adds red lipstick for a pop of colour.

Debora Carminati wearing blazer with white t-shirt.

Keep it simple.

Photo @debora.carminati.

Do as Caroline Daur

Our style icon Caro Daur is always a reference for cool outfits. She adds a little preppy touch to her all-white look with a pullover on her shoulders. Instead of wearing a scarf, wrap your fav knitwear around your neck like Lauren Santo Domingo and many other fashionistas do.

Caroline Daur wearing whit t-shirt and denim with a beige pullover around the neck.

A t-shirt with a pullover as a scarf for mid-season days.

Photo @carodaur.

Layering an oversized shirt over a tee

If it’s not cold enough to wear a cardigan, just layer an oversized shirt over the white t-shirt and leave the shirt unbuttoned as if it were a jacket. Leia Sfez’s look is fantastic and brings a summer vibe to spring. Wear the retro-looking oversized shades for extra fashion points, which are one of the 2022 sunglasses trends to update your entire outfit.

Leia Sfez wearing white t-shirt layered under an oversized shirt.

Layering is the key to transitioning outfits.

Photo @leiasfez.

How to rock the patchwork trend

This year, the ’70s-style patchwork trend is still a thing. To transition into spring, throw a patchwork jacket over your white t-shirt staple like the stylish French girl Estelle Chemouny. In the same vein, you can also find inspiration in the Harry Styles cardigan trend on TikTok.

Estelle Chemouny wearing a patchwork jacket whit a white t-shirt and jeans.

A white t-shirt balances multi-coloured patchwork pieces.

Photo @estellechemouny.

Grandpa vests are cool

Céline and Burberry brought the retro bourgeois vest back, and we love it over a white t-shirt! This vintage-inspired knitwear is a staple that elevates your tee and gives you enough warmth for mid-season temperatures.

Mathilde Soltoft wearing a knitted gilet over a white t-shirt.

A grandpa vest layered over a white tee; a favourite BCBG look of the ’80s.

Photo @mathildesoltoft.

Dress down your office suit

Dress down formal suits with a crisp white t-shirt. Also, the white t-shirt allows you to keep wearing heavier materials to transition into spring without feeling hot. DFor instance, pair a perfectly-cut suit with a sleek tee like TyLynn Nguyen does with her The Row two-piece suit.

Tylynn Guyen wearing a The Row suit and t-shirt.

Elegant but not too formal, a suit and T-shirt is the perfect office look.

Photo @tylynnnguyen.

The iconic combo

Leather jackets like the one Hailer Bieber’s just worn are the staple you need for transitioning to spring in your white t-shirt; whether the iconic biker jacket or a blazer in black leather like the one Camille Charriere wears with her white tee are winning combinations.

Camille Charriere wearing black jacket, pants and boots with a white t-shirt.

Combo black leather, white t-shirt and boots to transition like a pro.

Photo @camillecharriere

Elegant in leather

Leather trousers and polished Bermuda shorts are easy-to-wear and popular trends in spring / summer 2022. Pair your pants with an immaculate t-shirt and throw a beige blazer over your shoulders like Josephine Aarkrogh does. Finally add the strappy sandals we spotted in the street style at Paris Fashion Week A/W22, and you’re ready to go.

Josephine Aarkrogh wearing a beige blazer, white t-shirt and leather pants.

Looking sharp in leather and white t-shirt.

Photo via Shutterstock.

’70s vibe, still going strong

Pair your white t-shirt with an on-trend ’70s-style sheepskin jacket. You can wear your shearling jacket and tee with jeans or, why not, with golden pants and heels for a dramatic look like this one seen during Fashion Week. Note the pop of bright colour the stylish fashion-show goer adds to her look with her electric blue pumps.

Woman wearing shearling jacket paired with white t-shirt and golden pants during Fashion Week.

Sheepskin jacket and white tee spotted during Fashion Week.

Photo via Shutterstock.

How to wear your summer dresses in spring

Start wearing your summer dresses in springtime by layering a t-shirt under them to keep you a bit warmer. We see fashion-savvy girls using this trick with slip dresses and flowy maxi dresses. You can keep layering as the evening gets colder by adding a denim jacket.

Stylish woman wearing a maxi dress over t-shirt during Fashion Week.

Give a longer life to your summer dresses.

Street style photo via Shutterstock.

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