Menswear is boring, right? Totally wrong! Menswear actually is a complicated bunch of dos and don’ts to be understood and acknowledged very well before you start to have fun with it.

How long should be your bodysuit, until the end of your hips or until the end of your bottom? Should men’s pants be long enough to create some creases over the shoes or should they end a little bit before the shoes?  The art of men’s style has a lot of “shoulds and shouldn’ts”. By the way, have you heard about Sprezzatura?

However, there is a world apart from these strict rules where all the happy fashion birds live, located in Italy, Florence to be specific, the famous fashion week Pitti Uomo. Twice a year, during January and in June, the fashion clique gathers in the streets of the city of Lilies, showing their outstanding style; from the very classic 3 pieces suits to the most punk street style.  

Pitti Uomo was officially created in 1972, to be the stage for the best of Italian fashion in menswear. The fashion trade event took its name from the Pitti Palace, where the event was held for 30 years, in the splendid Sala Bianca.

With the time and the boom of fashion blogs and street-style photography, Pitti Uomo was elevated from a fashion trade fair to a full-blown cultural phenomenon.

For this video, we’ve spotted three major Spring and Summer trends in the streets. We have chosen some of the iconic street style photos from Pitti Uomo fashion week, where it is clear and easy to see how to wear these trends.

You don’t need to buy all new stuff, but just style your wardrobe following our tips. Your look will be totally updated just by adding three things; one piece with the right colour, a daring but vintage accessory, and a new cut and size of a classic piece.

Have a look at the most relevant selection of Street Style Menswear from Uomo Pitti and Paris Fashion Week, with the major trends for Spring/Summer 2019; “How to wear pink”, “Bandanas around the neck”, “Shorts and short-sleeved shirts”. These are outfits to be worn at the office, during summer in the city, keeping you elegant during the hot season. Click and have fun!