Watch The Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label SS24 Menswear

MenVideoJune 27, 2023

Click on the video to enter the world of Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label SS24. Recently showcased at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, this exquisite collection titled “Ralph’s Dolce Vita” draws inspiration from the unique allure of the Amalfi Coast. Capturing the timeless glamour and breathtaking vistas of this sun-soaked destination, Purple Label continues to exemplify its reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship. In the video above, you can see all the looks of the Ralph Lauren SS24 Menswear collection!

The Essence of Ralph’s Dolce Vita

Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label Spring/Summer 2024 collection celebrates the essence of European craftsmanship, combining heritage fabrics, linen, and silk blends. The result is a rich palette of colours and lush textures that offer comfort and ease. By harmonizing traditional artisanship with contemporary style, this collection effortlessly exudes sophistication and allure. And nothing more Dolce Vita than the black-tie suits with colour block jackets.

A Stylish Panorama

Purple Label’s Ralph’s Dolce Vita embraces various styles that cater to diverse tastes. From loose linen shirts to drawstring pants and printed swimwear, each piece reflects the carefree spirit of summer. Bright colours and captivating floral patterns dominate the collection, providing a vibrant and refreshing aesthetic.
And gents, don’t forget that the man behind the iconic film “Dolce Vita” was none other than Marcello Mastroianni.

The Stars of the Show

And talking about iconic and stylish men, here is the guest list for the Ralph Lauren SS24 Menswear presentation. Actors such as Chris Pine, Damson Idris, Rupert Friend, and Brandon Sklenar joined models Pierce Abernathy, Reece Feldman, and Blake Gray, among others, in bringing life to Ralph Lauren’s vision. Influential figures including the Elevator Boys, Jack Wright, The Hadban Twins, Gogoboi, Monsieur Coupet, Tanner Reese, and many more lent their charm and charisma to this exceptional presentation.

Embracing Elegance

Although the Dolce Vita collection will be in stores in the summer of 2024, you can and should be inspired by the style proposed by Ralph Lauren. Take advantage of this summer of 2023 to showcase clothes with impeccable cuts and luxurious materials, combined with the easy-going and daring style of the Italian man. If you have a wedding or a party happening this summer, dare to wear a black-tie paired with a vibrant-coloured jacket, for example. And enjoy it because la vita è bella!