Here are the top fashion tips for guys The new season is here!

FashionMenAugust 25, 2021

You look good; you feel good. You are what you wear. We’ve all heard these types of quotes so often they’ve become commonplace. But the way you present yourself certainly affects how the world perceives you and, consequently, treats you, both personally and professionally. This is why, with the new season here, we’d like to share with you, guys, the top fashion tips to make sure not only you look your best but also exude the effortless confidence that only truly elegant men do.

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.

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Finding the right size shirt

samsoe samsoe menswear AW21_model wearing a wide white shirt
Wide white shirt – Courtesy @Samsoe&Samsoe AW21 via CPHFW

The number one fashion tip we have for you is, guys, don’t wear, under no circumstance, tight shirts. And buying button-down shirts that are too small happens more often than you’d think. That is because you try them on standing up, and they look fine. But when sitting at your office desk or dinner party wearing your brand new shirt, you realize the buttons are pulling, and we can see your skin between the buttons. That is elegance’s suicide. So, always sit down and check if the shirt really fits you before buying it. This fashion tip also works for blazers and suit jackets.

Finding the right size pants

Street style_Copenhagen Fashion week_model wearing off white coat and slim pants
Too long pants make you look shorter – @StyleduMonde Courtesy @CPHFW AW21

Although this fashion tip might seem a bit obvious, guys wearing too tight or too big trousers ruin their looks, besides being very uncomfortable. But, don’t worry, finding jeans and trousers that fit perfectly is less difficult than it seems. An excellent trick to make sure you have the right size is by checking if you can fit two fingers between your waist and the waistband of your pants. If they fit, bingo, you found the perfect jeans that won’t squeeze your love handles when you sit neither fall down your hips when you stand as if you were a rapper.

As for the length, make sure your trousers fall straight; the legs should not fold like an accordion at the end as long trousers do when they touch the shoes.

We must talk about those socks

Victor Jones AW21 menswear_model wearing tartan suit, blue bomber jacket , and blue socks
The navy blue outfit asks for navy blue socks -Courtesy @Vitor Jones AW21 via CPHFW

With fall around the corner, it’s time to say goodbye to the no-socks-loafers look. And here comes one fashion tip we cannot stress enough. No matter where fashion trends might take you, there is one line you must never, ever cross, and that is wearing white socks. So, unless you’re playing tennis, do not wear white socks. In fact, one of the most elegant Italian men I’ve ever met once told me his golden rule, which I suggest you follow; socks must always be darker than the shoes. Furthermore, always wear knee-high socks; nobody wants to see your hairy legs when you sit and cross the legs.

Go for grey undershirts instead of  the usual white vest

Samsoe Samsoe AW21 menswear_model wearing a grey turtleneck with khaki shirt and ochre pants
Grey undershirt to keep you warm or to get a layering effect – Courtesy @SAMSOE&SAMSOE AW21 via CPHFW

Autumn’s lower temperatures might ask for a vest under your shirt to keep you warmer. If you are among the guys who wear undershirts, our fashion tip is; consider wearing light grey vests instead of white ones. To explain, light grey absorbs more light whereas white reflects it; hence a white vest is more visible hence less elegant under your shirt. 

The V-neck challenge

Samsoe Samsoe AW21 menswear_model wearing a trench coat and V-neck blue pullover
Navy blue V-neck – Courtesy @SAMSOE&SAMSOE AW21 via CPHFW

V-neck t-shirts and sweaters bring a bit of change from the ubiquitous crew neck models. But here comes an important fashion tip for elegant guys; stay clear from deep V-neck tees. They are tacky. Period. The right depth of your V neck should be around 7 to 10 centimetres from the base of the neck; anything deeper than that will look, well, tasteless, no matter how fabulous your pectorals might be.

Trenchcoat and coat, the go-to staple for fall

Samsoe Samsoe AW21 menswear_model wearing a black leather coat
Black leather coat – Courtesy @SAMSOE&SAMSOE AW21 via CPHFW

The timeless trench coat is still the ruler of the outwear kingdom, and this fall, Burberry and Fendi upgraded them with subtle check patterns or making them in leather. By the way, leather coats are a big fashion trend for next season, but our tip is that you wear them over classic outfits to avoid the Matrix guy look. 

Fall 2021 is all about colours

Prada Menswear AW21_model wearing a neon yellow coat with purple gloves
Yellow, blue and purple over black – Courtesy @Prada Menswear_AW21

This fall will be all about uplifting colours. For example, according to Marine Serre, Jacquemus, Wales Bonner, and Casablanca, tomato red is the hue for fall 2021. But, as much as we like the hue, the head-to-toe red looks we saw guys wearing on the Fashion Week runways are a bit too much. So, our tip is to take this fashion trend with a grain of salt and wear a red sweater or socks instead for a more subtle splash of colour. Additionally, men should wear all kinds of colours, including pink, in spring and fall too, but always with parsimony.

Your shoes can never be polished enough

Samsoe Samsoe AW21 menswear_model wearing a ochre shirt , denim and bordeaux colour socks
Classic loafer paired with denim – Courtesy @SAMSOE&SAMSOE AW21 via CPHFW

You may not know this, but the first thing a woman will look at, after your eyes and smile, is your shoes. In fact, your footwear choice and the way you take care of your shoes tell a lot about you. A good pair of shoes can transform any guy’s look, so follow our tip this fall and invest in classic loafers and Oxford shoes that never go out of fashion. Finally, truly elegant men know that you can never polish your shoes enough.

Photo title- courtesy @Samsoe&Samsoe AW21 via CPHFW

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