The story of the Polo Shirt

VideoWatchJanuary 01, 2023

The polo shirt is one of the most iconic garments of all time, having made its transition from a sporty piece of clothing to a part of high-end fashion. It is no longer just a shirt worn by tennis or polo players but a staple in any stylish wardrobe. Click on the video above to get the whole story of the Polo Shirt that began in the 19th century.

Who designed the first Polo shirt?

The polo shirt was first designed in the late 19th century by John E. Brooks, the founder of the iconic Brooks Brothers clothing store. John E. Brooks created the shirt as a sportswear garment for polo players, and it quickly became popular with the upper classes. The shirt was made from lightweight cotton and featured a collar and two or three buttons at the neck. 

The French version of the story of the Polo Shirt

In the 1920s, French tennis player and entrepreneur René Lacoste introduced a comfortable alternative to traditional button-down shirts now worn by tennis players. The French creation was designed with a short collar and short sleeves and was initially made from piqué cotton. The novelty quickly became a hit among athletes and increased in popularity over the years.

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Polo shirts on the runways

Through the years, the polo shirt has lost its sporty stigma and is now a wardrobe staple for both men and women. Some of the most famous brands include Lacoste, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. These brands have also helped to bring the polo shirt to a higher level of quality and make them more fashionable.

And with the macro athleisure trend becoming ever stronger, the Polo shirt is a piece seen and reviewed on various runways. Miu Miu has created an entire capsule collection with elements of the tennis uniform. Miu Miu pleated skirt with the polo shirt went viral among all the celebrities and fashionistas seen on the streets of the fashion weeks this summer.

Gucci x Adidas, one of the most fantastic fashion collaborations of 2022, brought back the Polo Shirt with a vintage 50s look.

Also, one way of wearing the Polo Shirt that was born in street style is the oversized Polo shirt. This piece is ideal for layering because you should wear it with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and an oversized polo shirt on top. Then, combine with a pair of straight jeans and tuck a piece of the shirt in. This style is worn by chic fashionista and author Leandra Medina to Bella Hadid and her unmistakable Y2K style.

As you can see, the Polo shirt story is far from over.