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Fall is coming with its parties and cosy dinners, so now are the right time to think about getting a new cocktail ring!

Before jumping into the business, we’ll share a fascinating trivia with you, to be used as small-talk in your next cocktail party! And it’s exactly about the name cocktail ring.

The concept of a cluster ring was introduced in America, in the 20s. The crazy years was an era marked by extravagances and also a time when alcohol was banned. As a counter fight to the prohibition, people started held secret and illegal drinking parties. Also in the 20s, women started for the first time to attend bars and were allowed drinking and smoking in public spaces. The new women of the jazz age instead of drinking suspicious hard liquors would prefer to sip creative cocktails, decked out in glamorous attire. Guess which accessory was a must to match with the Bacardi Cocktail in their hands? A big and ostentatious gemstones ring…Et voilá, the cocktail ring was born.