The secret to nailing this season’s style Keep it classic.

May 18, 2020

Now that the sun is shining and we’re slowly venturing out of our houses, we’re sure you’re dying to finally wear all the cute spring trends seen in Fashion Week, so here’s what you need to nail this season’s style.

We believe that Coronavirus will change the way we dress. There is already a clear shift happening, and having a sustainable wardrobe has become imperative. This is why we’ll show you how achieve this season’s style with classic pieces you may already have and that will last several seasons.

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Trench coat

Now, more than ever, it’s time to take your trench coat out of the closet, and if you still don’t have one, invest in a nice one. It is the spring outwear per excellence when the weather is neither too cold not too hot. Besides, a trench coat is a classic that will never go out of fashion so, super wearable hence sustainable. Throw a trench coat over a white shirt and jeans and you have a polished look! This season, keep it simple.

White dress

As you read in The phenomenon of the white dress, this versatile and timeless garment is becoming the staple to have this year. And while we wait for summer, you can already wear your white dress under a trench coat or over a turtle neck. This simple styling tricks transform your summer dresses into seasonless pieces.

Bold florals

Spring and florals go hand-in-hand year in, year out. But in 2020, florals are big and bold, almost like the psychedelic graphics of the ‘70s. And not only for dresses. Go for the beautiful Marc Jacobs floral trousers and shirts, mix prints, wear floral bags and shoes. Also, inspired by Zoë Kravitz in the remake of the movie High Fidelity, wear cool Hawaiian shirts. You may not be going to a tropical resort, but you can bring the tropical vibe to your wardrobe.

Dress-up denim

Whether pants, shirts, shorts or jackets, denim comes more dress-up this season. Pair your denim pieces with tailored pants or with pastel colours as we saw at Givenchy’s Pre Fall, to give them a polished feel. Shirts and jackets with volumes and structured silhouettes are classic items with a contemporary twist, that you can wear with skirts and shorts, this spring’s must-have item.

Basic, ma non troppo

The classic button-up shirts are definitely one of the most versatile and timeless items in your wardrobe. To nail this season’s style, besides the super basic white shirt that you can wear with absolutely anything, try also shirts with some details. Wide Peter Pan collars, frills, puffy sleeves or Vichy pattern add a bit of drama to the classic shirt.