The Royal Family war game: Are you team Meghan or Kate? Finding Freedom.

CelebritiesRoyalsAugust 05, 2020

Reading all the birthday messages the royal family has just sent Meghan Markle, including the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, it is hard to imagine that only a couple of days ago, extracts of Harry and Meghan’s upcoming biography have come out in the newspaper The Times. The bombshell book, Finding Freedom, supposedly tells the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s side of the story about the royal family war and the couple’s infamous stepping back from royal duties after rumours of rifts between the brothers and competition between the “Duelling Duchesses”.

William and Kate, Harry and Meghan, the main people in the upcoming book Finding Freedom.

Prince William and Kate are said to be devastated by Finding Freedom that will make public even more private matters of the family. Understandably, the relationship between the two couples, that were once known as the “Fab Four”, is now stilted and difficult. And after the release of Finding Freedom, a reconciliation and end to the royal family war seem even more difficult, sadly.

The British people, and the world, are divided. Legions of royal fans feel betrayed by Harry and Meghan and their constant whining and drama. Others believe the bitter stories told in Finding Freedom and think the Duchess wasn’t treated fairly, by the tabloids, the royal family, and, especially, by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The royal family war between William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan.

Take our Quiz Test to find out if you are pro-Meghan or pro-Kate.

1- You married into a clan and you have your own ideas and a strong sense of independence:

A – You earn the trust of your in-laws before starting to introduce your changes.

B – In your point of view, the clan married to you, they are the ones who have to adapt to you.

C – You would never marry into a clan. 

2 – Your husband’s granny wants to lend you some jewellery for your wedding day:

A – You gladly accept whatever she wants to lend you.

B – You make it clear that you want something big and important. Why not a tiara with emeralds instead of one with only diamonds?

C – She doesn’t lend you something, she gives you a beautiful piece of jewellery.

3 –  Your husband has a big family. Everybody lives in the same house and shares everything; staff, holiday house, work…

A – You listen carefully to your husband’s advices to avoid feuds.

B –  You make it clear, from the beginning, that finding your freedom is all that matters.    

C –  You’re not crazy to marry a guy like that.

4- You got married to a guy with a huge social life and many public engagements:

A – You are independent and modern, so you try to be supportive while gaining confidence; you know you will find your voice with time.

B – You think – and tell your husband and whoever wants to listen – “Everybody hates me”.

C – You think: “I need to go shopping”.

5 – You have an audience, a stage, and a microphone. How do you begin your speech?

A – You are an amazing group of people that shows us how to make things better…

B – I’m amazing. In fact, I’ve been amazing since I was a kid, and I once said in a speech…

C – Sorry, we’re having technical issues, maybe another day…

6- Your father is invited to talk about you in the press. What will he say?

A – Good things, because you have a good relationship with your family.

B – Your father, your half-sister and your half-brother hate you. They want to destroy you and say terrible things about you. You sue them.

C – He says you’re his daughter, whatever that means.

7- You want to lead a life far from the paparazzis:

A – You are in the public eye as little as possible.

B – You write a book about how hard your life is and how persecuted you are.

C – What is Paparazzi; a kind of Italian pasta with tomatoes?


If your answers are mostly A; you are Kate Middleton Team. This means you are prudent and want to know the lay of the land first. You understand your job and take it seriously. Like Princess Diana who said: “I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them“, instead of expecting to be loved by people in the first place.

If your answers are mainly B; you are Meghan Markle team. You have the worst PR strategy in the world, feeling like the eternal victim. Like Meghan, who despite being loved by the vast majority of the British people, who were happy and proud of having a modern and mixed-race princess, accused them of being racists.

If your answers are mostly C; you are in our team. You don’t want to marry into a clan or have a public life, but you know how to enjoy life with the gifts you receive and the family you have. And with qualities and defects, you do your best to live life decently.