The Goddess fashion trend

VideoWatchJanuary 05, 2019

A fashion trend that we spotted in 2019 is based on the old Greek goddesses and their way of living. We try to find back to nature and relate to it more again. This is extraverted not least through the way we dress and includes everything from sheer fabrics, pleats, lots of white and gold, embroideries and natural materials. The different goddesses are an inspiration for this season´s street style and for what we´ll wear throughout this year. They offer us many styles that we want to wear now.

We have been looking into the most significant ones and made a little video for you to check out the mightiest looks of the year!


Earthy colours, generous silhouettes and natural fabrics represent mother nature in the same way as opulent velvet, silk pyjamas and belted tunics. This shows how gentle and at the same time strong she can be. In these clothes we feel grounded, free and ready to conquer the world. 


Goddess Persephone makes us wear sheer fabrics, tulle, lace and pleats in red and pink. The queen of the underworld is majestic and quite impressive, and the bright colours bring this out perfectly. A colourful make up underlines the bold look and makes us feel that she is also the goddess of spring, flowers and vegetation. 


Artemis is the goddess of hunt and the wilderness and thus it´s only logical that her clothes had to be comfortable. We see feminine activewear, tunics, uniforms, flat shoes and sandals that make us feel strong and ready to do anything we want each and every day.


We think that the names here speak for themselves. Colourful flower and animal prints are still a thing in 2019 and get a totally new feeling when thought of those two goddesses as an inspiration. We mix different prints and hues and get an overall cool and summery look.


We all love a little folklore from time to time. The bright colours, embroideries and the traditional weaving techniques make us as excited as the golden shoes bags and jewellery. The fabrics and the craftmanship aim for sustainability which connects us to nature even more. 


Demeter is the goddess of agriculture, harvest, nourishment as well as growth and prairie dresses, high-waisted pants and long skirts seem quite fitting to that. The modest fabrics and floral prints top this look off and make the perfect summer wardrobe. 


Sculptural dresses in all shades of white bring out what Eirene stands for. As the goddess of peace, her look is all about non-colours and gold, which are also the main colour trends of 2019. The innocent tones make every outfit look peaceful and put together and us ready to go thorugh this year calm and with a positive mindeset. 


Pleats, linen, lace and hand-spun threads in shades of grey and beige make us feel like the old goddess. Being elegant and chic, those neutral colours make their way into our hearts and our closets.