Thanks to Prada, headbands are back to stay Best head accessory.

HairTrendsJune 06, 2019

Headbands are back and here to stay. And although the ’80s never cease to inspire us, this typical bourgeois head accessory comes now huge, breaking the aesthetic rules and boundaries of former years.

Prada brought the trend back

Prada reinterpreted the ’60s and ’80 proper Alice bands, but with the house’s quirky signature style. The oversized shape and punk-ish studs that embellish some of the headpieces add a rebellious attitude to the otherwise classic accessory. The new headbands have soon become a hit among the most stylish fashion enthusiasts, and they are to stay.

And Miuccia Prada isn’t the only luxury designer betting on the revival of headbands. The Scandinavian Toteme, Dior, Gucci, the French Marine Serre and Simone Rocha, to name a few, have also presented their personal take on the Alice band.

Kate Middleton’s head accessories

Headbands are back and here to stay among royals too. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wore an oversized white headpiece embellished with pearls and flowers for the Christening of her son, Prince Louis. Kate Middleton also wore a black velvet Alice band by Jane Taylor instead of the usual hat or fascinator, at Westminster Abbey for the Remembrance Sunday service, signalling clearly that this headdress is the new darling of smart and elegant fashion enthusiasts when it comes to head accessories.

A versatile headpiece

If you’re looking for a versatile staple to update your look without making a big commitment, headbands are what you need; they are an easy way to look smart and contemporary without having to spend much. Wear them with the hair down or in a ponytail for a sleeker look. Women with all types of fringe also look great with the new headdress. Basically, you can pair headbands with anything, from jumpsuits to party dresses. Get inspired by Prada and give your summer floral dresses a bit of edge with a punk-ish headband with studs.

Why headbands are back and here to stay

So yes, headbands are back, and you can be sure they are here to stay. They are smart but also fun and a bit subversive. And headbands suit everyone. No matter whether you have long or short hair, you can wear day-and-night our favourite head accessory embellished with studs or crystals, with bows. Or wear a headband coordinated in the same material as your outfit. But whichever you choose, make sure your headbands are oversized!

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