Science shows how anyone can be more attractive No beauty treatments involved.

LifestyleApril 08, 2022

In these times of online dating platforms, it’s become quite normal for people to swipe carelessly through countless profile pictures, judging the book by its cover. So we’ve asked ourselves, what makes a person more attractive than others, and what steps should you take to achieve that?

Although you can’t tell much about a person from her profile picture, your first judgement will be based purely on physical appearance. And even if you aren’t in the dating scene, the first impression when meeting someone, whether professionally or socially, is always superficial and primarily based on looks. The good news is that you don’t have to look like Gisele Bündchen. Studies show a few simple steps you can take to make yourself instantly more attractive to a potential partner, boss or friend. Conscious or subconsciously.

So, here’s what science tells us about how to be more attractive; you’ll be surprised to read that anyone can do it by following these tips and making tiny changes.

What can a photo tell others about yourself?

Vintage photo of attractive woman holding a glass of champagne.

We’ve all heard about body language, but what does it mean in the case of a photo? Hunching your shoulders, crossing your arms or just curling inward gives the impression of a closed-off and non-confident person. On the other hand, a picture with open arms or holding them up shows an expansive person and will automatically make you more attractive and likeable to others.

Do happiness and pride affect attractiveness?

This point is a bit tricky. An experiment showed that men find more attractive women who look happy and rate less beautiful women who demonstrate to be proud. But on the other hand, women are more attracted to men who look proud but find less appealing those who seem too happy. 

Exercise, but not for the reasons you may think

Vintage image of women exercising to be more attractive.

Of course, exercising may give you a fitter and maybe leaner body. But it plays a more important role in the science of becoming more attractive; which has little to do with your physical appearance. I’ll explain. Studies have shown that your body releases endorphins when you exercise. This chemical improves your mood and lifts your spirits. As a result, you feel happier and more relaxed. And, hence more prone to laughing and enjoying life, which in turn increases your attractiveness exponentially.

No wonder Sleeping Beauty looked so good

It turns out the famous “I need my beauty sleep” was not just an excuse our grandmothers made up to disappear into their rooms for a few hours. Participants of a research looked at pictures of people who had slept for at least eight hours and photographs of others who hadn’t slept in 31 hours. The ones who hadn’t slept were rated as less attractive than the other group. They also said these people looked sadder and less healthy. So let’s hit the sack earlier to seem more beautiful and happier.

Talk and smile to yourself in the mirror

Woman smiling at herself in the mirror.

Although it may seem like looney talk, you should consider smiling and talking to your reflection. Research at the University of Cardiff found evidence that the more you smile, the happier you become. And when you smile at yourself in the mirror, your brain receives the same neural signs of warmth and safety as if a close friend were smiling at you.

In the same vein, a University of Illinois study shows that people who talk to themselves the same way they would speak to a friend have higher confidence and professional success. The relationship therapist Shadeen Francis can explain why that happens. “Taking time to actively notice positive qualities about yourself, whether external characteristics or internal skills and qualities, helps them become more salient to you“. In other words, you don’t need to wait for other people to point out good things about you. Instead, you should do it yourself and get that extra boost of confidence that makes you more attractive and likeable to others too.


Attractive woman relaxing at the beach.

Studies show that men see stressed-out women as being less attractive. And science explains that high cortisol levels, the stress hormone, are responsible for making us less desirable to men. So, how about taking some time off to relax in one of the most liked houses on Airbnb?

Besides the points above, a few personality traits make you more attractive and improve any relationship—even the one you have with yourself.


Participants in a study had to rate people according to their description: intelligent/unintelligent, honest/dishonest, dependent/independent. All participants perceived the ones described as being honest to be more attractive. So girls, no more lying about your age; it is not only silly but also unattractive!


Woman having fun with her dog.

No matter how good looking people are, if they are not funny, chances are not many will be attracted to them. Whether a woman or man, having a great sense of humour makes you more attractive and sexy.


According to an experiment during a six-week course, being helpful makes you more attractive. Students rated their colleagues at the beginning of the study and then again at its end. Those always ready to help were rated more beautiful than those who were lazy, even if they had not scored high initially.

Of course, attraction is only the first step, but it can lead to a happy and successful relationship. “All you need is love“, sang the Beatles, and even today, what we all want, deep inside, is to love and be loved.

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