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Here is our etiquette guide to get you through the office Christmas party with flying colours. Follow it to make sure you’re not the one that everybody talks and laughs about the day after, or worse, the one that gets fired.
We know you feel like celebrating the fact that the holidays are just around the corner, but be careful. The office is not the place to get your wild party animal out. In the corporate world, inappropriate behaviour can, and will, hurt your future within the company and your career. Instead, take advantage of the yearly get-together to show your appreciation to your co-workers and, why not, score some brownie points with your boss.
Ultimately, to make the best of your office Christmas party there are a few things you must avoid like the plague:

1 – Patsy and Eddie

Although you might feel as Absolutely Fabulous as Patsy and Eddie after a few drinks, too much alcohol and office party do not mix. Period. Usually, the booze flows free at these events, but that doesn’t mean you should accept each glass the waiter offers you. Although it is called a party, don’t forget you’re still in your working environment. There’s a thin line between merry and drunk, and you shouldn’t make a fool of yourself at the office Christmas party. Too many drinks and you may end up telling that annoying co-worker you can stand him or her. Or singing on the tables and, God forbid, removing some items of clothing and making a pass at your boss. Well, Bridget Jones can tell you a thing or two about office party etiquette.

2 – Jessica Rabbit

Maybe like Jessica Rabbit, you were just drawn that way, but at work, you want to be seen as a pro and not like the sex-bomb-bunny. Check our Comfort x Dress up, Meet the new office look for the next months. And we’re sure you will ace it.

3 – Ups, did I say too much?

It is time to celebrate. Avoid complaining about your boss, spouse, kids and life in general. In other words, don’t be a bore! If you really must talk about work, talk about the successes you and the company had during the year. Funny anecdotes are great to get everyone in the party spirit. But better stick to your own stories, and avoid the funny ones about that over-sensitive and easily-offended co-worker. Don’t even dream of sharing gossips and your most embarrassing secrets. Remember that you will have to face your co-workers the day after!

4 – Sex in the City

Is the spirit of Samantha Jones inhabiting your body at the office Christmas party? Alright, better have a glass of water and turn down your flirtatious mood. It is hard to tell how many drinks your colleagues have had and whether they will cross the line or not. So if that handsy co-worker is feeling lucky, you might be heading for a truly embarrassing situation. If you aren’t able to stop the unwanted advances, and depending on the alcohol level, you most probably won’t, find an excuse and move away.

5 – Should I post that?

Be aware of what you post on social media. Embarrassing photos of that colleague on the floor with smudged makeup and drinking from the bottle stolen from the waiter shouldn’t end up on Instagram or Facebook, as much as you think it would be fun. Respect the privacy and image of your co-workers and your company.
Having said all that, we hope you have fun, but not too much, and have a great party!