Harry Styles’s cardigan went viral on TikTok  Knitting trend.

FashionTrendsJuly 08, 2020

Since the British singer Harry Styles wore a JW Anderson oversized knitted sweater during the rehearsal for The Today Show, the patchwork cardigan went viral on TikTok with the hashtag #HarryStylesCardigan.

The patchwork cardigan

The rainbow-coloured cardigan is from JW Anderson S/S 2020 men’s collection and sells for around 1400 Euros. Jonathan Anderson explained he “liked the idea of something that felt authentic and almost homemade; like your grandmother could have made it.” Certainly, Harry Style’s stylist, Harry Lambert, seems to agree with the designer. He said he chose this cardigan because it looked like it could have come from your parents’ wardrobe, from the ’70s.


an attempt to diy harry’s jw anderson sweater so i can slowly steal his personality #diy #harrystyles #upcycle #crochet Kolors

♬ breezeblocks x take a slice – Cole Russo

TikTok for beginners

In case you don’t know, TikTok is a Chinese mobile video platform that had 315 million downloads in the first quarter of 2020 alone. In fact, it was the most downloaded application in January this year, surpassing the giants WhatsApp and Facebook. The platform allows users to express themselves through creative short videos. And TikTokers go crazy for dance trends like the #Renegade or challenges like #PoseChallenge. The latest challenge trending and going viral on TikTok is #HarryStylesCardigan.

Why so many want Harry Styles’ cardigan

We and Gucci love Harry Styles’ style, and so do all the singer’s fans. So they have started knitting cardigans like Styles’ colourful garments. They then post on TikTok fun videos of themselves recreating the chunky patchwork cardigan and the result of their needlework. The challenge hashtag has already had over 3.3M views!


I made myself a knock off of harry styles’ jw anderson cardigan lmao #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #harrystyles

♬ original sound – Liv Huffman

TikTok and fashion

We already talked about designers and fashion houses on TikTok that are using the platform to be closer to their clients. The app is, in fact, becoming an important marketing tool for the fashion world. But funnily enough, JW Anderson had nothing to do with this cardigan challenge. It happened organically after a young TikToker from Los Angels posted a video showing her crocheting abilities. This viral challenge shows what a powerful tool TikTok can be for fashion brands. Although the videos are not shoppable, they inspire Gen Z consumers to find more about, for example, the label JW Anderson. Additionally, they also show the brands what these young consumers like and want to buy.


After 2.5 months, I figured it out and now I have a piece of you in how I dress💚🍒 @hshq #harrystyles #harrystylescardigan #fyp #firsttiktok

♬ original sound – Harry styles

Why this patchwork cardigan went viral

It is no surprise that the cosy JW Anderson patchwork cardigan went viral on TikTok. After so many months at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, handcrafts have become more popular than ever. We were all sewing masks, knitting, embroidering and making tie-dye. Additionally, people are looking more and more for handmade clothes in sustainable and natural materials. This explains, for example, this year’s patchwork trend. You can know more about the impact COVID-19 has had on fashion reading Will Coronavirus change how we dress? 

So get your needles ready and start knitting. Or, if you are not the craftsperson, get Harry Styles’ cool look with our selection of patchwork knitwear.

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