How to sound like a true fashionista From A to Z.

VideoWatchNovember 17, 2023

Here are some keywords and expressions to impress your audience as a true fashionista.


Apparel: Any kind of clothing.


Baggy: loose-fitting coats, shirts /wide-legged jeans etc.


Contemporary: mid-priced but trend-focused clothes, more affordable than designer brands.


Dress for the occasion: to wear the right clothes for each specific occasion. For example: if you have a business meeting, you must dress for the occasion and wear a power suit.


An eye for fashion: to know what is in and out of fashion, to have a good sense of style.


Fit: abbreviation for the outfit (and not for good physical shape!) Ex: I loved Chloe’s fit in her new fragrance campaign.


Garments: clothes, apparel.


Hems: the lower part of clothes, finished off by sewing to cover the fabric’s edge. The Hems can be visible or not.


Investment: money well spent on good quality clothes, shoes or bags, that will last longer and you know you will wear them a lot.


Je ne sais quoi: comes from the French “I don’t know what”, meaning something that you can’t define what makes a person or a style very special. Ex: Princess Margaret had a je ne sais quoi that made her a style icon.


Kelvin: as in Kelvin, the useless filter on Instagram; something ignored and completely unused by everyone. Ex: Unitards are the Kelvin of last season (thank God!)


LBD: little black dress, that plain black dress that goes with absolutely everything and that you can’t go wrong in it.


Must-haves: clothes and accessories from a collection you absolutely must have so as to not look last season!


No Go: garments and trends you must avoid at all costs if you want to look like a true fashionista. Ex: skinny jeans are a No-Go in 2020


On-trend: if you are tired of the word trendy, you can always use “on-trend” instead. Ex: Brooches are really on-trend this year.


Puffer sleeves: oversized and voluminous sleeves inspired by Renaissance Queens and Christian Lacroix from the 80s.  


Quarter: that part of the shoes that covers the heel (if you really must know…)


Resort: market season between fall and spring, available in stores by December.


Statement: a bold accessory you wear that draws everyone’s attention to it, a statement earring, bag or necklace for example, impossible to be ignored.


Tailored: a way to describe a garment that is more structured and precisely fitted, looking tailor-made.


Unitard: A one-piece skin-tight garment that goes from neck to ankles. Well, on second thought, better forget the word and the look!


Vent: a split in a tight skirt, for example, to allow you to move.


Woke: although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how people should be aware of current affairs. Ex: “While you are obsessing with the Kardashians, there are millions of homeless in the world. STAY WOKE”


X-Ray fabrics: See-through shiny fabrics.


Yes, like: as in Facebook like button. You can use that as an exclamation or, if you are Queen of Cool, say it showing little emotion, in a very nonchalant manner.


Zori: the Japanese grandmother of all Flipflops and sandals.