Man about town: All you want to know about Dandy style Harry Styles?

FashionMenJune 23, 2021

When we talk about the Dandy style, we naturally think of the flamboyant Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, velvet jackets and romantic shirts with frills and lace that defied the 18th and 19th-century men’s fashion. Today, thanks to Alessandro Michele and Gucci, dandy clothing is totally contemporary. So, keep scrolling to understand how to ace the dandy style in a modern and effortless way.

What is the dandy style

The dandy fashion began in England among young aristocrats who enjoyed dressing in a flamboyant style. The typical dandy clothing of these trendsetters consisted of elaborate shirts with high collars and starched cravats, tailored suits and waistcoats embellished with several accessories like lapel pins and pocket watches. Additionally, the fashionistas wouldn’t leave home without long scarves, bejewelled walking canes, and immaculately polished shoes. In other words, a fashion trend for men who liked to stand out from the crowd with their rather exotic looks.

Dandy Style, the Harry Style’s way

Harry Styles has embraced the dandy style, no wonder the singer is the face of Gucci. However, his androgynous dandy clothing is a tad caricatural, including sparkling suits, feather boas, and pearl necklaces. So, unless you’re going on tour with your pop band, you should consider going for Styles’ perfectly cut 3-piece suits instead. Add a dandy touch to your clothing with fun style accessories like colourful socks and cufflinks.

The modern dandy style

A true dandy knows the importance lies in the details of clothing. A suit with a perfect fit is essential, neither too tight nor too loose. And the resulting look must be refined. Pay attention to details like embroideries and buttons, textures and colours. Velvet, corduroy, brocade, and natural materials like cotton and linen are a must. Be adventurous with your trousers and shirts too. And don’t forget a good perfume.

Elevated yet effortless

Overall, the style of the modern dandy is groomed. Additionally, he has fun with his clothing but, instead of dressing up as a 19th-century dandy, he plays with details. For example, a tailored suit embellished with a fun lapel pin or a pocket square in contrasting hues

Classic yet bold

The modern dandy enjoys trying new styles. That is, although he wears classic suits with elegant Oxford shoes, his tailored clothing come with bold prints or bright colours

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Photo courtesy of Tom Ford AW21