From Zero to Party Queen: Tips That Make You Unforgettable

LifestyleNovember 07, 2023

We understand that the considerations you juggled at parties in your early 20s shift quite a bit by the time you’re cruising through your late 30s or early 40s. To dust off your party prowess, we’ve crafted five golden rules to turn you into the ultimate queen of the soirée scene. Ready to pick up where you left your party crown? Let’s dive in on how you go from wallflower to party queen.

vintage foto of a woman in a pink faux fur coat wearing a hat with light candles- how not to be the bore of a party

Do #1: Be the charm in the room

That glowing vision of wellness who’s just slid into the seat next to you might have the hottest gossip or the latest engagement ring sparkling on her finger. It can be a bit much, we know. But go on, flash that warm smile and inquire about her latest life scoop. Being the first to do so means you’re setting the party tone—gracious and genuinely interested. It’s a one-and-done deal; after your show of kindness, you can glide over to the bar with an air of triumph.

Do #2: Be the master of the quick escape

Navigate the party landscape by keeping a non-committal stance, especially during conversations about mortgages, preschool picks, or the endless debate on organic diets. Pro-tip: Keep a chilled glass of your favourite drink on hand to sip (or gulp) when the chat steers toward the snooze-worthy. It’s your secret weapon to keep things light-hearted and your mood buoyant.

Do #3: Become the life of the party

Spotting a flagging conversation is like sensing a fashion faux pas—it’s instinctual. If your chit-chat partner seems to be checking the time a tad too often, it’s time to shake things up. We would strongly suggest you start a conga. Everybody will love you, respect and remember you forever. Being the leader of a conga at a party is probably as respectable as going on a sugar-free diet for at least a whole good week. Conga is the most effective tip on how you go from wallflower to party queen.

vintage photo of a group of people in a new years eve party, having fun and drinking champagne.

Do #4: Keep the vibe positive

Nobody fancies a naysayer, especially at a party. If you can’t put a comedic twist on a gripe, it’s probably best to button it up. Overlook the long line for the loo or the drone of a dull story. Keep it to yourself and stay cool. Remember, your job is to add to the event’s sparkle, not to dull it.

Do #5: Hang out with the cool chaps

Spot the group that’s bursting with laughter and good stories? That’s your target. Introduce yourself with confidence and a splash of charm as you ‘accidentally’ bump into them. Before you know it, you’ll be part of the in-crowd, swapping stories and laughs, firmly on the VIP list of the night.

Armed with these five rules on how you go from wallflower to party queen, have a whale of a time, social butterfly.