How To Be a Perfect Wedding Guest Basic wedding etiquette.

LifestyleApril 03, 2020

Looking fab in a fantastic outfit is not enough to be a Perfect Wedding Guest. Weddings are by far my favourite kind of parties, the bride and groom are beaming with happiness, and everyone’s in a great mood and beautifully dressed, ready to have a great time. So, what are the unwritten rules to be the Perfect Wedding Guest?

1- RSVP of the Perfect Wedding Guest


First of all, you must confirm your presence. Most wedding invitations come with a proper RSVP card ready for you to answer, already stamped by your host. Basically, you will only need to tick whether you’re going or not and drop it at the post office. Never, ever, show up at a wedding without having confirmed before, and do not leave to do it to the last day. Because this doesn’t show much consideration. Your host has been waiting for your answer to make the seating plan arrangements and so on.

2-  The wedding gift


Send your wedding gift with a nice card in advance. Do not take your present with you to the wedding.

3- The Crying Wedding Guest


If you are a woman, you will probably feel emotional and want to cry during the ceremony… Don’t! A little tear is okay, but please, do control yourself as you don’t want to ruin your makeup. And you don’t want to make a scene as if you were a certain singer in the front row of a Fashion Week show, do you?

4- The reading


If you were asked to do any of the readings during the ceremony, stick to the original plan. Do not get carried away by emotion; do not improvise. Just do what is expected of you and go back to your seat.

5- The booze


At the reception before dinner, you will be served some canapés and probably, a lot of champagne. Be careful; this is the moment when people tend to drink a few glasses to relax and get into the party mood. But what they forget is that they are on an empty stomach, especially women who’ve been fasting for days to get into their dresses and look fabulous! So, do not overdo it if you want to be able to find your table.

6- The seating plan


When looking for your table for dinner, it’s very common – and disappointing-  to find out that your table neighbour is not exactly the best company. But do not dare to change the seating arrangements. You will have to be brave and accept the challenge of making small talk to the dull and almost deaf great-uncle of the bride. Or worse, to that woman who wants you to know all the details about her perfect and wonderful life.  

7- The speeches


During dinner, you will have several speeches, from the father of the bride, the best-men, and so on. Some of them may be long and not always will they be funny. Your job, as the Perfect Wedding Guest, is to laugh and clap. That’s it. Period. No making funny faces and rolling eyes, nor talking to your neighbour during the endless speeches. If you have to wee, well, that is not the moment! I’m sorry to say, but you will have to wait after the speeches are over to get up from your table. Yes, even if you’re desperate! Think of the Empire and carry on.

8- The dancing


Now is the moment everyone has been waiting for! Let loose your inner dancing queen and have fun. Dance like nobody’s watching, because, quite frankly my dear, at this point of the wedding, after all that champagne, nobody is! But remember you’re not the star this night, don’t overdo it and let the bride shine!

9- The love


Some people may get inspired by the newlyweds’ love and happiness and decide they must find their own better half at the wedding party. And of course, this usually happens after a few too many drinks. If you are one of those, try to be discreet and behave because there will always be someone ready to catch you in the most embarrassing situation. Remember; L is for the way they’ll look at you. Forever.

Have fun!

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