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The most popular words you are repeatedly reading in the news are masks, washing hands, and social distancing. Indeed these are the three pillars of getting the pandemic under control. Fair enough to stress these ideas.

The effects of the pandemic will be among us for a while. But we are almost there, and patience is another crucial pillar to get our lives back to normal. 

In the quest to know more about this surreal times, we started to research the history of pandemics and epidemics; how people protected themselves, and how social distancing worked back then. Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, a historian specialising in the clothing’s political and cultural meanings, wrote one of the articles that we’ve considered way out of the curve. So, the video is a compilation of this article that analyses how women used clothing to create distancing and why. Yes, social distancing was not only necessarily against a virus or health issues. But it was also used to protected women against pesky suitors. It was part of the social etiquette. 

Watch the video and let’s think if we should change our pyjamas to an armour 🙂

Via The Conversation