Discovering Oslo: 7 sites to see in the capital of Scandinavian charm

CultureLifestyleFebruary 11, 2022

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is one of the most famous Scandinavian cities. It is known for architectural innovation, its beauty surrounded by the mountains and sea, its cold but fresh weather, and so much more. We recently wrote about Copenhagen Fashion Week and the famous Scandinavian style, so discovering Oslo is the next step to understanding the Scandinavian charm.

With so much to see and experience in Oslo, it is well worth taking the time to visit some standout places and explore the smaller streets and areas that draw your attention. Here are seven sites to be sure to see in Oslo, also known as The Tiger City.

1- Munch Museum

Deatail of the Munch Museum building in oslo
Photos @karl-martin-saetren and @ingrid-martinussen via @Unsplash

The largest city in Norway, Oslo, is artist Edvard Munch’s birthplace. The new Munch Museum was recently inaugurated in a modern sustainable skyscraper. Oslo carries a lot of beauty and history, and the connection to Edvard Munch is very ingrained in the town’s character and things. If you like history, art and design, you are the right person to enjoy the fullest discovering Oslo.

2- Slottet (Royal Palace)

Slottet Palace in Oslo
@Jorge-Láscar via @wikimedia-commons

No trip to Oslo is complete without visiting the heart of the city, Slottet. Built in 1848, the Royal Palace is a beautiful site, very central, with surrounding parks, and it offers incredible views of Oslo. It is the official residence of the current Norwegian monarch, Harald V of Norway.

3- Akershus Fortress

Akershus Fortress in oslo
@Jorge-Láscar via @wikimedia_commons

Akershus Fortress is a historical site in Oslo that dates back to 1299. The fortress takes you on a journey through the past, and you’ll learn Norwegian building construction techniques and what inspired their architecture years back.

4- St. Hanshaugen Park

St. Hanshaugen Park in oslo

As one of the largest parks in all of Oslo, St. Hanshaugen Park is a beautiful place to spend time while in the city. When the weather helps, you can take a coffee or lunch on the lawn for a relaxing picnic. Besides, the park has fantastic city views from the top of the hill.

5- Vigelands Parken

vigelands parken in oslo
@vidar-nordli-mathisen via @Unsplash

Vigelands Parken offers a unique experience to see sculptIt’s of over 100 humans intertwined. It’s an amazing site and something to make the time to see and experience.

6- The Trinity Church

the trinity church in oslo
@JohnLord via @wikimedia-commons

Known as one of the largest churches in Oslo, the Trinity Church is a neo-Gothic style church with incredible architecture. It was built in 1858 and is still in excellent shape today, offering visits on Wednesdays for people.

7- Oslo Film Museum

If you love film and or want to learn more about the Norwegian film industry, head to the Oslo Film Museum. It offers you a glimpse into what the film industry has been like through the different eras and the advancements that it has made throughout the years.

Opera house in Oslo
@DaryaTryfanava via @Unsplash

Part of the Scandinavian charm is the balance between old tradition and modernity. A”d you can im”erse in this unique culture taking two ways of sightseeing: “Oslo by Boat” tour or Oslo on foot. Walking throughout the tiny streets is breathtaking, but there is always something special about getting to know a place from the water. Just remember to pack plenty of layers!