Are you washing your face accurately?

BeautySkin careAugust 11, 2021

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed us, our habits and our daily beauty routines. While at home, many of us took the skincare regime to the next level. And who can blame us? We are all dreaming of that glowing skin. So it’s time to consider whether you’re washing your face accurately. To answer that, we’re reviewing a recent study performed by CeraVe on the subject. 

CeraVe study on how to wash the face

The study included 500 men and women between the ages of 18-60. As the result, the French brand found that 55% of the people over or under-wash their face. The rest of them perform the water-only cleaning method.

Dermatologists recommend that we wash our face daily, no matter if we have make-up on or not. You have to consider that we come in contact with pollutants, dirt, oil and sweat which can cause anything, from acne to clogged pores. 

“Build-up of these toxins can result in everything from lack of luminosity to clogged pores, dry, irritated skin, breakouts and even acne. Without cleansing you’re not giving your skin chance to renew itself. Cleansing also ensures a fresh canvas on which to apply additional products within your skincare routine, allowing them to penetrate more effectively”

Dr Alexis Granite, consultant from The Telegraph

Rule #1: Make sure you don’t over do it.

Specialists say too much of anything is bad and, well, doing too many things on your skin can be bad too. They suggest that washing your face accurately is in fact, doing once in the morning and once in the evening. Yet keep in mind that you have to use the right products too. If you have dry skin, use a creamy consistency cleansing without alcohol. If you have oily skin, opt for a foam consistency.

Rule #2: Lukewarm water is key.

Much to our surprise, 69% of the participants said to be using warm or hot water to cleanse their faces. And we all know how bad that is since it can irritate the skin or dry it out. Despite that, using cold water is also not ideal. Surely, it does have its benefits. For instance, it helps reduce puffy eyes and makes you look fresh but it’s still not the best option. So what actual dermatologists recommend is lukewarm water. This is the perfect water temperature that properly removes grime from the skin. 

Rule #3: Keep an eye on the ingredients.

You’d think that a cleanser which consists of many activities such as vitamin C is the perfect one for you. In fact, according to doctors cleansing is just the basis for the rest of the routine. Therefore, it’s better to keep it very simple and actually use serums and moisturizers with the right ingredients in them. For example, moisturisers that contain UREA, with powerful hydration and exfoliation qualities.

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