A gentleman guide on how to be dressed for a wedding

May 21, 2019

As it happens every year, the first sunny days mark the beginning of the wedding season. And whether you are the happy groom, the father of the bride or one of the guests, you want to look your best on such a wonderful occasion. If you are not sure what to wear or, know what to wear but want to double-check if you made the right choice, here is the right place. Just keep reading our guide on how to be perfectly dressed for a wedding. We cover all kinds of weddings, from informal to very formal ones. 

First of all: read the invitation, if there is a dress code specified. Please do follow it; do not show up in a morning suit at an informal beach wedding, or in a sand linen suit at a formal evening wedding. Usually, in the invitation, you have all the information about how you should be dressed for this glorious occasion.

Lucky you: In the last 12 months, we had three big royal weddings where you can find some great fashion inspirations. If you are not from Mars, you saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank and the most recent, Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of the Austrian Princess Micheal of Kent, and Thomas Kingston. So let’s start with Royal and formal weddings!

Tailcoat tuxedo for evening weddings

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden attended an official dinner

The tailcoat is worn on festive occasions from 6 pm on, but you may wear it to evening weddings that begin at around 4 pm. Also, when specified on the dress code, to the dinner party before or after the religious ceremony. The elegant tailcoat tuxedo consists of a waist-long jacket with knee-long tails, which is worn open, tailored trousers with side silk ribbons and worn with suspenders. Never wear it with a belt! The white shirt should have a piqué chest, and be worn with a white tie and the tailcoat vest.

Morning suit or cut for day weddings

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge

Dark suit for semi-informal weddings

The cutaway is the formal suit for a wedding during the day, and you shouldn’t wear it later than 6 pm. The cut consists of a grey or black morning coat with tails, grey or grey and black striped trousers. The shirt should be white or light-blue with double-cuff worn with cufflinks. The vest and tie can be light grey or coloureds. Wear black Oxford shoes. Make sure never to wear a belt, cummerbund or a bow tie with your morning suit. Follow the guide and you will look like a prince.

David Beckham

For a more casual wedding or when stated “suit” on the invitation, you can wear a smart navy, dark grey or black suit. For a wedding ceremony, it’s better to avoid light colours like the very light grey suit that George Clooney wore to Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day. Let this colour to a relaxed beach ceremony. Go for a three-piece suit, it is always an elegant and safe choice. Wear a tie and handkerchief that go well together but do not match exactly, that’s tacky.

Black tie

The newlyweds, Felipe and Leticia, King and Queen of Spain

Americans usually wear a black tie to the Church. The Brits and Europeans, never. In our opinion and according to our experience of being invited to amazing weddings, better do not wear a black tie to the church. A black tie is reserved for the dinner party before or after the religious ceremony. Do like Prince Harry did when wore a black tie to continue celebrating the happy occasion in style.

Beach or in the nature wedding

Many couples choose a special venue to tie the knot. A dreamy beach and an idyllic place in the mountains are not necessarily the place to wear a formal outfit. Here you can let your imagination go free. If it’s Summer, linen suits are great. If it’s in the mountain, you can wear a typical mountain dress, like the Austrian ‘trachten’.

To be perfectly dressed for a wedding, you should add playful and charming accessories. A classic suit paired with a Panama hat in Summer is a great style. Coloured ties and vests, not mentioning, coloured socks.

We recommend: play safe, follow this guide and a classic chic outfit won’t be out of place.

Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston. Photo courtesy of Luisa Beccaria