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If there is a superfood, that can cure almost everything in our body, then there is also a super beauty ingredient. It means a natural element that can work wonders on us from head to toe. One of these graces of nature is coconut oil. And in this video, we present 8 coconut oil benefits for your skin, hair and teeth.

So put on your earphones and watch the video. And watch it again and again until you incorporate it into your beauty routine.

1- Body Oil

Because of the saturated fats, coconut oil is great for cracking skin and you can use it on your body directly from the pot. Brazilian pregnant women use coconut oil to prevent stretch marks in the belly and upper leg area. I tested, and I can assure you this is one of the most serious coconut oil benefits.

2- Makeup remover

Do it like Emma Stone, and wash off even the most resident mascara with coconut oil. At the same time, you are cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Simple and effective.

3- Lip Balm

Put the coconut oil semi-solid in a small pot and carry it around with you in winter. This is one of the coconut oil benefits that works only in winter, with very low temperature. A lit bit warm and the oil turns into a liquid form.

4- Anti-wrinkle cream

Because of the great amount of vitamin E, you can replace your expensive cream with a pot of coconut oil, especially as a night cream.

5- Body Scrub

Mix half of coconut oil with a handful of salt or sugar to create an exfoliator that not only smoothes but moisturises your skin. It works wonder on Keratosis pilaris on your arm or legs.

6- Teeth Whitener

Mix some coconut oil with baking soda and apply it to your teeth just like a toothpaste before washing out again. The lauric acid in coconut oil attacks harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

7- Dandruff Treatment

To prevent a dry scalp responsible for dandruff massage some coconut oil onto your head and leave it through the night. This hydrates your hair, make it shine and stimulate hair growth.

8- Split Hair Ends

Instead of a conditioner put some coconut oil into your hair and then wash it. Once again it has a hydrating and reviving effect. Just a drop or two!