7 little known facts about Julia Roberts 

CelebritiesVIPNovember 04, 2022

Julia Roberts, the eternal “Pretty Woman”, also unforgettable as “Erin Brockovich”, the 2000’s film for which she was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress, is for a long time a familiar face on the red carpet. However, there are many little-known facts about Julia Roberts that even the most dedicated fan doesn’t know. For instance, do you know the name of Julia Roberts’ kids?

So, let’s start with the 7 little known facts about Julia Roberts that we discovered for you. Watch the video to know about them.

Can you guess what is this story about?

While doing our research about the woman with the most famous smile in the world, we discovered an emotional story between Julia Roberts and the civil rights leader Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta Scott King. According to a friend “Julia was touched and surprised when she found out about that story. Coretta is one of the reasons Julia helps charities working with young children.”

Paparazzi photo of Julia Robertas wearing a tee shirt, tailored pants and heels

Acting runs in Julia Roberts’ family

The story in the video is about Julia Robert’s sister, and it’s much darker.

Also, her relationship whit her brother, actor Eric Robert, was turbulent. Eric had issues with drug and alcohol abuse, which led to a divorce from his wife, the actress Kelly Cunningham. Instead, to help her brother Julia Roberts helped her sister-in-law by paying the legal fees in the custody battle over a young Emma Roberts. Julia and Erick’s reconciliation happened many years later, after the birth of Hazel and Phinnaeus, Julia Roberts’ twin kids in 2004.

Actress Julia Roberts praised by her role in the film Ben is Back

Not everything is glamour in the actress’ life

Julia Roberts and George Clooney at Cannes Festival

Julia Robert and George Clooney during Cannes Festival

Who does remember her very first appearance on the silver screen?

Her film from 2018, Julia Roberts starred in the drama Ben Is Back. According to the critics, it is one of best Julia’s performances. In 2022, we are waiting for Ticket To Paradise, a romantic comedy to be released in October. But who does remember her first movie?

Julia Roberts on the red carpet at the Globe Awards

Julia Roberts wearing Stella McCartney

Julia Roberts 30 millions Dolar smile

The smile

If you are a fan of this amazing actress, watch the video because you will learn new facts about Julia Roberts, which will help you to understand her better.

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