Guide For Harsh Weather: the coolest winter hats and gloves It's cold outside, baby.

TrendsDecember 23, 2021

Although hats and gloves are vital for stylish dressing in winter, finding suitable models is challenging. So, in our harsh weather guide, we present you with the coolest hats and gloves to keep you warm and update your classic winter wardrobe.
You will find fedoras, baseball caps, crochet hats, and beanies. Additionally, fashion designers have introduced ski balaclavas as the key head accessory this season. As for gloves, they come long, for a touch of drama.

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Baker-Boy Cap a la Peaky Blinders

Baker-boy cap, also known as newsboy, poor boy, or fisherman hat, became even bigger this year. It has invaded our Instagram feed, with stylish digital creators wearing these retro-looking hats.

Bucket Hat

First adopted in the 60s, the bucket hats, also known as fishing hats, are an all-year-round big favourite. Their winter version come in warm materials, and we see models in wool, leather and shearling among the most desirable bucket hats. Besides beanies, Bucket hats are genderless and add a charming nonchalance to any look.

Timeless Fedora Hat

The quintessential Fedoras hats are your best bet to keep the head and the face away from the snow. Although we love the classic models, this winter, you will find Fedoras from colour-block to embellished with metal details, very western look. Perfect hat to wear with jeans and boots, bohemian skirt and dresses.

Winter Baseball Cap

A more casual alternative with a 70s style inspiration is the baseball cap, a hot A/W 21-22 trend that has been adapted for winter and comes in leather, woollen fabrics or fake fur. A baseball cap is super versatile; you can wear your hair down or styled with a low ponytail.

The French-Girl Beret 

Consider wearing a beret to instantly get that French Girl je ne sais quoi. But instead of the usual tan wool beret, go for an edgy leather, warm faux-fur or bright colour versions for a classic-with-a-twist winter look.

Colourful Beanies  

Beanies are the ultimate winter gear. This season they come in strong colours, stripes, patterns like tie-dye or geometric lines. Note: your hat does NOT have to match the rest of the outfit.

60s and 70s Crochet hat

The sixties was the decade when the crochet boom really began, and we are right now living a crochet trend revival. The handcrafted vibe of these hats and their uplifting colours make them a must-have to wear not only in the countryside but to run errands in town too. Additionally, the patterned knit hat is already the darling of fashion-forward influencers like Haley Bieber and Bella Hadid.

Soviet style trapper hat

Trapper hat or as called in Russia, Ushanka or shapka ushanka. First seen in the army in Siberia, this furry hat is just what you need to give your winter look a dramatic folklore twist. With retractable ear covering flaps, trapper hats can be paired with romantic dresses, military-style coats, and boots. Choose a classic leopard piece or gorgeous faux fur neutral colours like Arket proposes.


Known as a balaclava helmet or ski mask, this knitted headpiece covers your head, ears, neck, and shoulders, which comes quite handy when living in cold Austria, for example. The accessory originated in the 1850s but is totally contemporary. In fact, it is the most significant hat trend of this winter, thanks to Miu Miu, Marine Serre, and Eckhaus Latta.

The comeback of evening gloves

And finally, our winter hat and glove guide wouldn’t be complete without the season’s newest gloves. So, add a bit of drama to your winter wardrobe with luxurious evening gloves. Designers revamped the long satin gloves for Fashion Week A/W 21-22. As a result, we see them in leather, suede, bright colours and prints this season. Fashion-lovers and celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna have incorporated this major accessory trend. And the chic evening gloves are a must to wear with your everyday outfits for extra fashion points. Whether embellished with pearls, in classic brown leather or fingerless in the Pantone colour of 2022, long gloves have a wow-effect with any look.

Title photo courtesy of Miu Miu.