Wide belts. This accessory will transition from Winter to Spring with you Waist list.

January 7, 2020

Our readers know already that we’re quite obsessed with accessories. Actually, we spend more on accessories than buying the latest trends. Why so? First, we have an emotional attachment with our clothes. In my wardrobe, I have pieces from 20 years ago, that I wear again and again, every season.  Second, we don’t need a new wardrobe every season. But in any case, we want our outfits to look fresh and updated. So, the keyword to this challenge now is wide belts! 

Although since 2016 we are seeing this accessory gaining space season after season, in Fall 2019 the wide belts really took the stage. We have dresses and coats paired with wide waistbands from Dior, Alexander McQueen, Loewe, Alaïa Winter collections, to mention a few. It’s almost a corset belt that adds a modern style to any dress and jacket.

Our suggestion for the Winter sales ahead of us is to invest in a beautiful and quality corset belt. This accessory will accompany you through the entire Spring and Summer 2020. 

Alexander McQueen‘s belts with snake buckle

Collage with two models from Alexander McQueen runway wearing white dresses and wide belts

The British luxury brand combines white feminine dresses with a bold and black waist belt. The oval gold snake belt’s buckle gives the accessory a bohemian vintage look. We love it.

Agnona‘s soft leather wide belts

collage with two models from Agnona runway wearing a green dress and a beige ensemble with wide belts

The Italian brand is the less known cousin of Brunello Cucinelli and The Row. It means luxurious tailoring mind-meltingly expensive. But Agnona is bringing to Spring 2020 a chic style with layered pants-suits in neutral and pastel colours that will be a trend of course. In this case, the wide belts are in the same shades of lavender, aqua, pink, and all shades of cream.  

Gucci‘s belts with a lion head

Two model from Gucci runway wearing a vest-suit and a sheer logo dress with wide belts

Designer Alessandro Michele is among the most influential forces in fashion—if not the most influential force, according to fashion journalist NICOLE PHELPS from  Vogue. Michele, who creates fantastic clothes and especially power selling accessories, brings for Spring 2020 a wide waist belt with a big gold lion head as a fastener.

Alberta Ferretti‘s western style wide belts

two models from Alberta Ferretti runway, wearing a orange leather jacket and a patchwork raw leather shirt with wide belts

The luxury Italian brand presented a very young and daywear Spring 2020 collection, inspired in the ’70s, with many looks in suede patchwork. Ferretti’s Spring collection comes with a woven wide belt with a silver bejewelled clasp. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood homage!

Photo via Shutterstock