What your watch tells about you and why wear one  THE accessory.

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What kind of person still wears a watch nowadays? Do we even need a wristwatch? Of course not. But as a smart sales lady once told me, you don’t need a watch, but you definitely need a Rolex, and of course, if it’s vintage, even better. Because as any truly stylish person knows, a watch tells a lot about you.

Owning a good wristwatch -or several ones, for that matter- is like wearing good shoes or a designer bag; you don’t need much more than that to convey your sense of style and elegance. A luxury watch is THE accessory for anyone who knows how to be effortlessly chic! According to Forbes, wearing a watch tells the world you are a serious professional, organized and reliable. Furthermore, during a meeting or any boring dinner, a quick glance at your watch is a lot classier and much more subtle than taking your cell phone out to check the time.

Three people at the beach wearing sportswear.
Photo courtesy of Breitling

Why a man wears a watch

Men like wearing watches because, when it comes to accessories, they aren’t left with many options, so what could be better than a classic and elegant IWC, a timeless Vacheron Constantin or an iconic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch that was worn for the first time on the lunar surface in 1969?

Street style during Pitti Uomo.
Street style during Pitti Uomo, via Shutterstock

Wearing a Breitling Endurance Pro tells a few things about you; for example, you are adventurous and a sports enthusiast. But, on the other hand, the Navitimer Chronograph shows you can easily transition from sailing to elegant-suited-man mode. Furthermore, a limited edition watch tells that you appreciate exclusivity.

Street style during Pitti Uomo with two men wearing suits.
Street style during Pitti Uomo, via Shutterstock

Why a woman wears a watch

Besides jewellery and statement accessories like bags, stylish women often wear an heirloom watch together with several bracelets. In this sense, a watch is more than an object that tells the time, and you wear it because of its beauty. And because of what it represents, either a memory of loved ones, an important moment in your life or the idea it conveys.

Queen Maxima wearing a polka dot dress and watch.
Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, via Shutterstock

For example, as a horse-lover, my favourite watch is the Heritage Hermès that evokes the equestrian origins of the luxury French house. And wristwatches with a retro style are big favourites among fashionistas.

Anna Wintour and Helen Mirren.
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Best addresses to buy vintage watches online

You can find your dream vintage wristwatch at Auction Houses or antique shops around the world. But first, read why buying a vintage Rolex is a good investment. Here are some of the best and more reliable online shops to buy vintage:

Details of street style photo showing woman wearing a watch with several bracelets.
Street style during Fashion Week via Shutterstock

1stdibs: auction and vintage shop

Vestiaire Collective: the most famous second-hand shop.

Analog/shift: specialized in vintage pieces.

Bulang & Sons: over a decade of experience.

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