What you need to know about Cica creams and serums And why use them.

April 2, 2019

You’ve probably heard this name before. It’s everywhere. Cica is on labels of moisturizers, serums, face masks, CC creams, toners, you name it. But what exactly is it, and are the trendy Cica creams and serums for everyone?

What is Cica?

Cica is short for Centella Asiatica. The powerful medicinal herb is also known as Tiger Grass. This is because they say that tigers roll-on Cica plants to heal their wounds. The Chinese medicine often calls Cica “the fountain of life” for its healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties, hence its use in creams and serums.

What is it used for?

Centella Asiatica has been used for thousands of years in China, Japan, India, and Indonesia. If you ingest the herb, it helps blood circulation and reduces anxiety and fever. Topically, Cica is used as an ointment to treat minor injuries and burns. Creams and serums containing Cica help treat scars, minimize redness, inflamed acne, dermatitis, and even psoriasis. Additionally, it soothes super sensitive and irritable skin, heals and repairs it while profoundly hydrating and increasing collagen production. Cica creams are also excellent to treat cracked heels, hello sandals!

What are Cica creams?

Any cream containing the medicinal herb Centella Asiatica in its formula is a Cica cream, and the same goes for masks and serums. The K beauty industry has introduced the traditional herb to the European and American markets. And now, many brands are already producing creams, serums and face masks containing Tiger Grass, the famous Cica. The creams’ rapid success is due to the anti-ageing and soothing properties that help repair the skin’s natural barrier. In the same vein, Cica locks the moisture in the skin.

Who can use it?

Basically, beauty products like creams and serums containing Cica are suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. Nevertheless, our skin (sensitive or not) always suffers at some point, maybe because of pollution, UV light, stress or a poor diet. Consequently, Centella Asiatica is an excellent ingredient for everyone. It boosts collagen production, soothes irritation and fights skin ageing and dryness. Centella Asiatica is a natural herb that is safe for all skin types and is really efficient as a skin saviour for the hot days ahead.

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