What to Wear to Wimbledon 2019

June 19, 2019

Rosamund Pike, Anna Wintour and Stella McCartney at Wimbledon.

Have you already gotten your tickets for Wimbledon Championships? The most prestigious tennis tournament of the world runs from the 1st to the 14th July, and even those who are not that interested in seeing World No1 Novak Djokovic playing to win his fifth Gram Slam title will love to take part of this historic quintessentially British summer event.

The historic tennis tournament dates back to the 1800s and has maintained most rules since its beginning. Watch our video about the most interesting facts and traditions of Wimbledon. For example, do you know how many tournaments are played on grass in the world and how high the court grass must be? Where are the balls kept? What should you wear to Wimbledon? Learn this and much more here:



If you are a first-time attendee, you must know that the glamorous event, attended by royals and celebrities, has a strict set of etiquette rules that you must observe. The spectator etiquette is strict for everybody; whether you are on Court Number One, the iconic Centre Court or in the Royal Box, where you must be invited, there are things you simply cannot do during the tournament.

Wimbledon Dress Code

The dress code for players is the strictest of all tournaments; players must wear white, even their underwear must be white enough so that there are no visible perspiration signs on their clothes.

For the spectators, the dress code depends on where you’re sitting, although everyone is expected to dress smartly.

At Centre and Number One Courts, you must dress smart casual; men usually wear jackets and ties. T-shirts with political slogans or personal brands are not permitted at Wimbledon. Dirty sneakers, gym wear, cutoff shorts are not allowed. Big hats aren’t allowed either, for obvious reasons, but chic Panamas are a must to protect you from the sun unless you’re lucky enough to be in the Royal Box where you shouldn’t wear any hat at all.

Wimbledon Dos

– You may – and should – cheer and applaud after a point has been played. However, you should never clap a net cord or double fault; this would be rude.

– You may bring plastic cups and your champagne, but make sure it’s uncorked before entering the courts.

– You may take photos, but make sure the flash is disabled.

Wimbledon Don’ts

– You may not make noise during a rally; do not cheer or clap, and needless to say, you must switch off your cellphone.

– You may not move around during a rally; you can only leave or come back to your seat when players change sides.

– You may not bring glass drinking glasses, and you may not open corked bottles on show courts.

– Travel mugs, opaque bottles and bottles of spirits are not allowed.

And don’t forget to enjoy one of the most famous Wimbledon traditions, strawberries and cream, you will probably never have such sweet and fresh strawberries anywhere else!

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