Do you know what to wear during menopause? 

AgelessOutfit ideasApril 20, 2021

Forget the stereotype of menopause dressing; today, women are looking for clothes that make them feel beautiful, modern and cool. We all know the challenges women face during menopause, but this is also the time to have fun with what you wear and enjoy fashion. Did you know that the new influencers are 50+? Just look at Sophie Fontanel, for example. Additionally, women over 50 are also changing the beauty industry. In fact, the 50s are the new 30s, my dear, and we are here to show you what to wear during menopause. You are not invisible.

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Choose the right fabrics to wear during menopause

The best way to deal with hot flushes is by choosing natural fabrics like cotton and linen, especially for your tops. Natural fabrics not only allow your body to breathe and absorb sweat; but they also look more upscale and chic. Knitwear is also a good option for its breathability. Take advantage of the crochet trend, perfect to wear during menopause. 

A linen power suit is the perfect office outfit for women.
Say yes to power suiting but in breathable fabrics.

Dress like an onion

Of course, layering is the key to deal with your body temperature fluctuations. This way, you can easily peel some layers and add on garments as your body needs. Layer a white t-shirt under a floral shirt and blazer, add a scarf, and voilà, you’re ready for a day at the office or to meet friends in style.

Woman wearing several layers of garments.
Layering is the key to comfort.

Trench coats are your best friends

A trench coat or cotton outwear are staples you need, especially in springtime, when the weather is as unpredictable as your internal temperature. Chose hues other than the classic beige for a more contemporary look. Try new colour combinations. Finally, pair your chic trench with breezy dresses and pull up the sleeves as this stylish fashion show-goer does.

Woman in a beige dress under yellow outwear.
A long outwear worn open over a dress keeps you warm enough, but not too much.

Distract and divert

Consider prints and accessories when putting together outfits to wear during menopause. Bold prints (one of the spring trends this year) and earrings will help you distract and divert the attention away from any sweat you might have on your neck and chest. But avoid statement necklaces; they will make you feel even hotter.

Printed dresses are fantastic for women of all ages.
Either geometric or floral, prints are the heroes of the menopause wardrobe.

Funky accessories and bright colours

Who says you cannot wear joyful accessories during menopause? Cool retro sunglasses and bold brooches will lift your spirits and add personality to your outfits. Additionally, bright-coloured garments are better than neutrals if you get a red face during the hot flushes. Be bold and shine!

Woman wearing bright-coloured shirt, matching flower brooch on blazer, and funky glasses.
Bright colours and joyful accessories lift your spirit up.

Your dress speaks volumes

Maybe during menopause, all you want to wear is oversized dresses. Luckily, from the current trends that emerged from the catwalks and streets during fashion week, voluminous silhouettes are on-trend and flatter all ages and shapes, including 50-plus women. Bold prints add humour and nowness to oversized dresses so that you don’t look frumpy.

Fashion show goers wearing an oversized dress.
Bold volumes, prints and colours for a cool look.

Keep it simple

If you don’t feel comfortable with bold prints, don’t worry. You can always keep it simple and wear chic minimalist outfits during menopause. For example, a crisp white t-shirt paired with a leather pencil skirt. Don’t forget to carry a trench coat or blazer, in case you feel chilly after a hot flush. To add a contemporary twist, wear a slogan t-shirt instead. This super wearable look will take you from a business meeting to lunch with the girls.

Chic woman in a white t-shirt with black pencil skirt.
Always chic in black & white.

Fresh dresses and pantsuits

Extremely comfortable and flattering, especially during menopause, belted dresses and pantsuits in linen are garments super easy to wear. Go for earthy and sandy colours, a trend that emerged from Milan Fashion Week.

Woman wearing a linen shirt dress.
The sandy trend for easy-to-wear looks.

Wear cosy sweatshirt dresses

You cannot get more comfortable than that! A cosy sweatshirt dress is a key piece to work from home during menopause, but it’s chic enough to wear outside your house too. Dress your sweatshirt up with stylish accessories for a cool but elevated office outfit.

Stylish woman wears a sweatshirt dress during Fashion Week.
A statement bag, sunglasses and bracelet elevate sweatshirt dresses.

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