We’ve found the most beautiful medals to give as gifts. Wish list.

FashionJewelleryNovember 28, 2022

Our previous article on gifts was the best gift guide for the loves of your life. These are gift ideas with good intentions. But medals are also a gift that must be included on your list. My husband, my son and my daughter all carry a chain with a collection of medals of saints. Each Saint recalls a moment in their lives or a place to which they made a pilgrimage. And to remember a moment, eternalise a message and keep the memory of something good is the purpose of the medals. On top, it is a personalised gift. In addition, medals have gained fashion with the trend of layering chains and necklaces. Hence, we went after the most beautiful medals to give as gifts.

1- Ancient Medals

We’ve talked about American designer Carolina Wickenburg a few times here because we are super fans of her pieces. Carolina works with different metals and with custom symbolisms. Carolina’s medals can be made in gold and silver or just gold-plated. The themes of the medals are the most varied, from your star sign to ancient mystical figures. Carolina uses her talent as a sculptor to create medallions with an ancient vintage coin style. Her unique medals are accessible on Instagram and on her website, where you can talk directly to the designer and have a tailor-made design.

2- Classic Medals

Founded in 1803, the French company Arthus-Bertrand is internationally known for its civil and military decorations, orders and merits, such as the great Legion of Honour necklace. Arthus-Bertrand’s religious medals are a classic and are available in hundreds of models engraved with angels, the Virgin and saints. Besides religious motifs, you will also find medals with romantic symbols and enamelled rosettes.

3- Mythological Symbols

We have been following the work of the American label Foundrae for some time now, and their medallions inspired by symbols from different cultures and periods are gorgeous. Here you can read more about the brand founded in 2015, which clients are Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kirsten Stewart, among other celebrities.

4- Couture Jewellery Medallions

Goossens is a French institution of couture jewellery. Here, you can read the history of the Maison, which for years collaborated with Gabrielle Chanel, creating extraordinary designs. The Parisian house also worked closely with couturiers Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. And to this day, Goossens pieces are handmade, hammered, gold plated and embellished with semi-precious stones.

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