Wear The Rainbow Come rain or shine.

July 11, 2019

What is it with rainbows that we all stop whatever we’re doing to admire them in awe whenever one appears in the sky? The beautiful multicoloured circular arc instantly brings us joy and hope. So, to put a smile on your face, you should wear the uplifting rainbow colours, come rain or shine.

The symbolism of the rainbow

Since ancient times, the rainbow has carried many positive symbols. For example, in Greco-Roman mythology, the natural phenomenon was considered a path between Earth and Heaven. For Catholics, the rainbow is a sign of God’s agreement with all living creatures, as He explained to Noah after the flood. And the Irish say there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To sum up, for most cultures, the rainbow is a sign of good fortune and joy, so when you wear these colours, they immediately put you in a happy place.

Show-goer at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Photo by STYLEDUMONDE, courtesy of CPHFW.

The rainbow and activism

The rainbow has become a powerful symbol to wear for the gay community since the American artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker first introduced it in 1978. But besides the LGBT movement, the rainbow symbol has been adopted by many groups or demographics that pursue equality. The positiveness and serenity from observing a rainbow should inspire us to pursue a peaceful and tolerant society.

When can you wear a rainbow?

I would wear anything rainbow just out of the beauty of a spectacle of nature, without necessarily having to be in a parade. Even if some fashion designers have gone somewhere over the rainbow and use the pattern as a flag, forgetting the simple joy that the colour combination brings.

The rainbow in fashion

Lately, fashion is in love with the rainbow. Gucci presented its amazing rainbow platform and glitter rainbow sneakers, and other important names followed the Italian luxury fashion house. For example, Balenciaga, Vetements, and Riccardo Tisci’s debut runway collection for SS2019 for Burberry. So, there is no need to worry that this trend is about to end. We will see and wear rainbow colours for many years ahead.
And despite the meaning you see in rainbows, whether socio-politic or spiritual, a piece of a rainbow can revamp in your closet. And the rainbow colours are season and ageless; if you are 50 or plus, they will make you look fresher, younger and happier. More effective than a Botox!

In other words; the rainbow is magical. Or, as Eleanor Robinson, Selfridges’ director of accessories points it out “hard to miss, upbeat summer fashion at its best”.

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