We need to share with you the new It-bag we found on IG. We love it.

FashionTrendsAugust 09, 2021

Every now and then, we have some accessory that becomes the most sought-after item that every fashion-savvy woman seems to have. This year; it’s unanimous. Instagrammers and fashion aficionados are carrying the new it-bag of summer 2021, a Prada raffia crochet tote. However, we are going to wear this bag throughout Fall 2021 as well.

Although raffia is a quintessential summer material, we will wear this Prada bag with a chic artisanal vibe next season too. I mean, Fall 2021 is filled with trends around optimism and escapism; and a crochet bag is a little piece of our Capri vacations that we can bring into September or October, paired with a midi dress and boots. Imagine Jane Birkin’s Saint Tropez style with low temperatures. Perfect, right? 

One bag, several trends

Made in raffia, the new it-bag comes with an unmistakable Prada logo embroidered, uniting several trends in one piece; natural raffia, crochet, embroidery, and logomania.

The new it-bag to carry everything, everywhere

The crochet shopper has a perfect size to carry everything everywhere. You can take your towel, sunscreen, and book to the beach in this practical tote. But because fashion has relaxed the boundaries between the beach and city, you can also use the raffia bag to carry your laptop and makeup pouch to the office or even a night out throughout September and October before the snow comes.

So, besides being stylish, this raffia crochet Prada bag is extremely versatile and looks good everywhere, day or night, becoming the new summer and fall it-bag par excellence.

The crochet it-bag is such a success that it’s already sold out on Farfetch, so let’s hope Prada brings out some new raffia totes or you’ll have to try to find it second-hand. Here are our favourite second-hand shops in Vienna and online.

Photo @Prada.