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Fashion enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief. The MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20 will happen in 2020 as usual – or almost. Therefore, get ready to enjoy Austria’s biggest fashion event at the MuseumsQuartier from 7 to 12 September. We talked to the organisers, creative headz by Elvyra Geyer, Zigi Mueller Matyas, Maria Oberfrank, and Camille Boyer of the Austrian Fashion Association. We asked them about the Coronavirus effects on the event and the fashion industry as a whole. Here is what they told us.

What effect does Corona have on the upcoming Vienna Fashion Week 2020?

We decided to carry out the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20 with all its requirements. To clarify, we’ll provide the highest possible security to all; guests, designers, models, and the whole team. However, the implementation is not easy at all. This means the current edition required an entirely new concept. For instance, the spatial design will also change fundamentally. 

Can you see a difference in people’s shopping behaviour as to buying local fashion?

Austrian fashion designers feel customers are more interested in choosing from local producers nowadays. Additionally, clients want to know more about the designers’ background, and most importantly, the chain of production. Consequently, locally-sourced fabrics and locally-produced pieces are key to a new perspective. And finally, the bonding between designers and customers is crucial. As a result, we see the importance of storytelling and human relationships.

What can we expect of MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20 and Austrian Fashion Association’s collaboration?

Once a year, the Austrian Fashion Association confers the Austrian Fashion Awards. And it is the most important and best-endowed design award in Austria. The Austrian Fashion Awards will open MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20, having Adia Trischler as its creative director. However, this is not the first collaboration between the Austrian Fashion Association and creative headz. That is to say, they have cooperated since 2014, under the motto “together instead of alone“. 

Camille Boyer, tell us more about your work supporting fashion talents

The Austrian Fashion Association is working on multiple levels to support young fashion designers. Above all, our aim is to promote Austrian fashion nationally and internationally. In the same vein, we help emerging labels develop sustainable businesses. For example, I’m very proud of the DACH Showroom. It is a B2B sales platform organised during Paris Fashion Week together with Berlin Showroom and Mode Suisse. The showroom showcases Austrian or Austria-based labels to international audiences. Additionally, the Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts is also a great initiative. This festival discusses national and international positions at the interface of fashion, art and everyday culture.

How can Austria’s fashion industry recover from the pandemic?

Above all, it is absolutely necessary to re-think the whole system. To clarify, the pandemic has sharply highlighted the need to change how fashion is produced and consumed. This is not specific to Austria and MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK but to the whole fashion industry. However, these significant changes can’t be done in one day. In other words, fashion designers need to figure out how to implement sustainable measures. For instance, changing the way fabrics are selected and patterns cut. Similarly, many steps can be re-designed for a better future, from production facilities to distribution. This being said, there are also short-term measures to recover from the pandemic. For example, focusing on the local B2C market or working differently with digital tools. 

Wearing a protective mask will be mandatory during MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20. Any stylish advice on how to wear our new little friend?

Firstly, wearing a mask is an act of respect for every other person. And not only during MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20. Secondly, why not use it as a fashion accessory? Since many designers produce stylish face masks, they are additional pieces to great outfits. However, you must be aware that a face mask is a mouth and nose protection. Therefore, it only looks good when worn as such. This being said, don’t wear it on your chin or neck.

Our tips

Shows not to miss during MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20: Callisti, fashion talents by KunstModeDesign Herbststrasse and Modeschule Michelbeuern, Pitour, TrueYou and the “Thai Taste” show with great designers from Thailand, chosen by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP).

Check the schedule for all the shows at MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20 here. And get your tickets here. Finally, read the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20 house rules for COVID-19 here.

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