#CloseEyeOn: Vasquiat, the best Spanish fashion designer online shop 40% off.

TrendsMarch 31, 2022

Who wouldn’t love to discover new brands and secure the latest luxury fashion pieces before anyone else and, on top of that, only pay a fraction of the price? As incredible as it may sound, we know where this dream can come true. Vasquiat is an online shop where you can find a fantastic curation of the best Spanish emerging fashion designers and established international brands too. In other words, what makes it special is that the online marketplace showcases new names that are still flying under the radar and forecasts future trends. And they offer next season’s unreleased collections with fantastic discounts to fashion enthusiasts worldwide. But if you prefer not to wait for the release of new collections, you can also buy in-season clothes already available at retail prices. You’ll discover Spanish newcomers like Hereu, La Veste, Augusta The Brand, and Romualda, among many other fantastic new labels.

Vasquiat is disrupting the traditional end-of-season sales

The Spanish influencer and stylist Blanca Miró and entrepreneur Rafa Blanc co-founded Vasquiat in Barcelona in 2018, focusing on accessible and on-trend luxury fashion. The online shopping platform began as a hub for emerging designers and creative luxury. And it quickly became the go-to address for fashion-forward trendsetters to purchase coming-up collections at up to 40% off. In short, Vasquiat moved the sales from the end of the season to before it, and by doing so, the Spanish fashion retailer helps both customers and designers. Fashionistas can buy from future collections; the sooner they pre-order, the bigger discount they get. And fashion designers can start producing garments knowing beforehand which pieces of their next season’s collections will sell better. As a result, brands receive feedback on their collections before even releasing them.

Vasquiat and Spanish fashion making waves

We, at Notorious, are big fans of Spanish fashion brands; for example, Bimba y Lola, Andion, and the iconic couture designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Not forgetting to mention summer’s must-have accessories, hand-held fans and the chic espadrilles made in Spain. In addition, we find inspiration in the cool style of Spanish influencers like Blanca Miró, Natalia Lopez, and Queen Leticia. Hence, we enjoy browsing Vasquiat’s selection to discover new Spanish fashion brands that stylish women are wearing in Madrid, Sevilla, and Barcelona. 

Besides fashion, the Spanish online shopping platform Vasquiat also sells jewellery, shoes, bags, accessories, and home decor. All the pieces are carefully curated by Blanca Miró, who’s also the designer and co-creator of the label La Veste.

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Finally, watch in our video the best looks of the Duchess of Cambridge, another fan of the Spanish espadrilles.
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