Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Autumn We dream with an all year round wardrobe

September 4, 2019

Style savants, rejoice! With summer nearing its end, autumn — a.k.a. fashion’s most exciting season — is just around the corner. However, before you start donning your beige trench coats and tartan scarves, it’s important to prepare for the transitional climate first. As we all know, August is a tricky time when the weather and our wardrobe don’t always see eye to eye. There’s no need to worry, though, as we’ve rounded up some key summer pieces that you can easily pair with your favourite autumn outfits.

Here’s how you can strategise your outfits for this tricky seasonal shift:

T-shirt + Blazer

We spoke about the classic t-shirt in our list of ‘6 Pieces To Update Your Summer Wardrobe’, but this beloved clothing item can help you cross over to the next season, as well. Whether it’s your vintage band shirt or the tie-dye top you purchased at the height of summer, wearing a tee under a tailored blazer will help you blend seamlessly into the autumn leaves. You can finish the look off with your preferred choice of bottoms, but if the air’s cooler than usual, we suggest you go with a pair of high-waisted cropped jeans for a sleeker look.

Slip Dress + Knit Sweater

The slip dress had a major fashion comeback this year, as its effortlessly chic vibe made it a refreshing clothing choice for summer. And with the cold weather approaching, you might think it has served its purpose. However, don’t retire it just as you can balance the thin structure of the slip dress with a chunky knit sweater. This way, you can create a stylish testament to the transitional weather thanks to the contrast of both texture and volume between the two garments. And just in case you want to step up your sweater game during autumn, you can check out Who What Wear’s list of colourful striped knits.


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Shorts + Long-Sleeve Top

Contrary to popular belief, this eternal summer essential can be worn during the cooler months, too. For the seasonal shift, wearing a dramatic puff-sleeve top will add a lovely layer of sophistication to your outfit. And when the colour of the leaves has changed, you can still wear shorts by simply layering them with a thick pair of tights. The collection of shorts on Woman Within show just how versatile this piece is, even after you wave goodbye to the summer months. Plus points for the fact that wearing shorts in autumn will highlight your knee-high boots even more.


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Cardigan + Wrap Dress

Don’t underestimate the powers of a pretty cardigan. French ‘It Girl’ Jeanne Damas makes the absolutely chic case for these open-front knitted garments. Not only does she wear them over her cute wrap dresses, but her clothing line Rouje has a sublime selection of cardigans, too! After all, they are the perfect pieces of outerwear to partner your summer dresses with. And when it comes to the possible cardigan and wrap dress combinations, your options are endless.


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Have a nice Autumn 2019!

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