Top Clothing Pieces You Can Wear All Year Round

One of the things many people dread the most during seasonal transitioning is reorganizing the closet. You may have put aside the fuzzy sweaters for now and taken out the floral dresses, but before you know it, it is wintertime again.
The good news is you don’t have to pack everything away each season as there are clothing pieces you can wear all year round. This so-called capsule wardrobe should actually include garments you love to wear throughout the whole year. Even celebrities and style icons with an unlimited wardrobe do this to make the most out of everything they have in their closet.
In general, a capsule wardrobe should include several staple items. Such key fashion essentials make getting dressed very easy as they are there to coordinate with each other and create a large range of outfits.
So, here are the top clothing pieces you can wear all year round and look fresh every season.

street style fashion week, model wearing a all year round look with inspirational white t-shirt and pink boots

Inspirational white T-shirt styled with pink boots

T-shirts is your all-year staple

The first basic clothing essential you can wear throughout the whole year are T-shirts. They come in many colours and designs making them the easy go-to piece for every occasion. Plus, due to their versatile style purpose, they are the best layering trick during winter to keep you warm.
For example, plain-colour tees are the perfect garment choice when you are struggling with feeling like you have nothing to wear. They can be combined with anything from summer shorts to winter suede skirts to create stylish and effortless outfits. Scandinavian Instagrammers wear them underneath pantsuits to put together a sophisticated office look. A classic Danish girl style!
Another T-shirt style that you can wear all year round is the graphic tee. For example, cool Christian shirts with inspirational sayings and designs can be paired with so many combinations and take you from casual to bold in a second every season.

street style fashion week, model wearing a all year round look with graphic t-shirt and blue jeans

Blue denim jeans paired with t-shirt

Jeans, to wear from January to December

No matter what the weather is like outside, jeans are another must-have piece in every girl’s wardrobe. They are classic and fashionable and can be combined with all kinds of garments all year round.
The original blue denim jeans are the most common jeans-style which can be worn anytime and anywhere. For example, during warmer days, I like pairing them with a loose or graphic top and some white sneakers. As for the winter, I go with a fuzzy sweater and a pair of combat boots.
The black denim jeans are also an essential clothing piece of the capsule wardrobe. They are a true fashion life-saver as they can be worn with everything from a plain tee to elegant work blouses. That’s why black jeans are your joker to wear during summer for a night out or at work to create a sophisticated office look.

street style fashion week, model wearing a all year round look black slip dress with high boots

Black dress is a seasonless staple

Dresses, all about layers

Out of all clothing pieces, dresses are the easiest ones to wear. You simply throw one on, add a few accessories and you’ve got a chic outfit in record time. That’s why they are part of the capsule wardrobe and serve as a versatile item you can wear all year round.
So, you’ll need a white linen dress for summer. You can combine it with a pair of cute sandals and top it off with some beautiful jewellery such as golden hoop earrings. You can wear the same dress in the fall by matching it with ankle boots and a black leather jacket on top.
The black dress is another all year round essential that can be worn for any temperature. In spring, you can wear it with a statement piece of necklace and summery sandals, while in winter you can combine it with a cardigan on top and some high boots to create a more elegant look.

street style fashion week, model wearing a all year round look with sweatshirt and pencil skirt

Inspirational sweatshirt with pencil skirt

Skirts, a four season item

From maxi skirts to plaid ones, this type of bottom wear can be worn in every season and for any occasion as it comes in many styles, lengths and designs. They are another multipurpose clothing piece you can use to create many fashionable outfits for any weather.
For example, skirts are a very popular garment choice to remain cool in the summer while looking chic and trendy. More specifically, the maxi skirt can be styled with a loose tank top and a pair of comfortable sandals to put together an effortless and breezy summer look. The A-line skirt is another favourite choice that looks perfect with a linen top and wedges on a warm night out with friends.
As for wintertime, plaid skirts are the most sought-after clothing piece. They can serve as the basis of a cosy fall or winter outfit when combined with a cardigan on top and a pair of boots.

street style fashion week, model wearing a all year round look with khaki blazer and asymmetric skirt

Layers magic: Khaki blazer with a cropped top, asymmetric skirt over legging

Blazers, the joker in your wardrobe

A piece of apparel that you can wear all year round is the blazer. It is the perfect attire to wear over a dress on a chilly summer night, to dress up a casual fall outfit or to wear to work in winter. All you have to do is choose the right fabric, colour and design and create a flawlessly chic ensemble for any weather.
For example, if you are looking for a casual look with a dressy touch in springtime, then you should go for a neutral colour blazer paired with denim jeans. You can match it with a white button-down shirt underneath and complete the look with a pair of pumps.
If the temperatures are lower, then you can opt for dark-coloured pants and a black blazer over a sweater. You can even add a wintery scarf on top and create an effortlessly fashionable look.

Final thoughts

Seasonal organization of your closet can be a very daunting task especially when the weather is changing constantly. One way to avoid wasting your time cleaning out your closet and preparing it for the new season is to create a capsule wardrobe. This is the perfect opportunity to save some extra space and have a few staple clothing pieces which you can use to put together plenty of chic outfits.
In case you need inspiration on how to style them, you can always refer back to this post and borrow some of these ideas to create fashionable looks for any weather.

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