The winter coat you are looking for is here!

November 6, 2019

Photo courtesy of Dauphinette

If there is one thing that can make or break your wardrobe, that is a winter coat. During the next months, you won’t be able to leave your house without this winter staple. So make sure you get the right one(s)!

Luckily for you and I, this year’s outwear options are fantastic! Based on all the autumn and winter trends we saw on the catwalks, we narrowed the wide variety available in the stores down to the four best winter coat styles. The coats we hand-picked are so beautiful that you won’t need much else to venture out in the cold looking fabulous.

Winter Plaid Coats

We already spoke about plaid in our list of 10 plaid suits that will make you happy to go to work. Now it’s time to think about getting a plaid coat. A checkered outwear is classic and elegant, but it has a touch of the ‘70s punks mixed with a pinch of ‘80s grunge. They look good to go to the office or a weekend in the countryside. And they come in the most varied shapes; tailored, oversized and androgynous, and even with shearling, fake-fur or fringes.

Technicolor Winter Coats

Who says winter outfits must be brown or black? We surely don’t! As a matter of fact, we love to brighten up the darker days with outwear in fun colours or animal prints. Choose any of these fashion colour trends for fall 2019, be it purple, peach pink, avocado green or why not, all the colours at once. You can be sure your winter outfits will be far from dull.

Teddy Bear Coats

As you can imagine, the Teddy bear-inspired coats are the cosiest outwear ever! In a comfy oversized stye, these fluffy coats and jackets made in fuzzy plush look fabulous paired with skinny leather pants or jeans to balance the volumes. Faux-fur or shearling Teddy coats look not only warm but also very chic. Get yours before anyone else because we’re sure you’re going to start seeing them everywhere in a few weeks.

Puffer Coats

Down puffer outwear are the best when it comes to keeping you warm in the colder season. This year, there are a few that are quite stylish and flattering. We even found some pretty chic ones embellished with dramatic vintage ostrich feathers, which, by the way, you can wear day or night to  feel like a diva of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Now that you’ve already found your new favourite outwear, I bet you’re happy winter is coming!


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