The ‘Sephora Kids’ Trend: When 10-Year-Olds School Us in Skincare

BeautyCultureMarch 20, 2024

Diving into the labyrinth of beauty aisles, the most unexpected aficionados leading the pack are none other than the whip-smart 10-year-olds. Dubbed the ‘Sephora Kids,’ these mini beauty mavens, with their insatiable appetite for skincare, are giving the cosmetic counters a run for their money. But leaving us all a tad befuddled yet utterly concerned. Keep reading for an insightful and candid Sephora Kids trend analysis.

Gen Alpha’s Beauty Blitz: Not Just Playing Dress-Up

Gone are the days when playing with Mum’s lipstick was merely a rite of passage. Today’s tots are rewriting the rulebook, turning skincare products into the next play-doh. Stroll through Sephora, and you might just find these younglings deep in discourse over the virtues of hyaluronic acid versus retinol. Yes, you’re reading it right, it says Retinol.

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As young as 8 years old, these kids are obsessed with creams, gels, face masks and facial peels. TikTok and YouTube videos went viral, showcasing these kids storming Sephora stores and trying out an array of sample creams and beauty treatments. When sales associates attempt to step in, emotions can escalate, making the situation tense. Just go to TikTok and search for the hashtag Sephora Kids Trend.

Muses and Mentors: The Influencer Effect

Ask any ‘Sephora Kid’ about their beauty icon, and you’re likely to hear names that resonate with the tune of empowerment and individuality—Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga. These powerhouse women aren’t just hitting the high notes; they’re sculpting the beauty aspirations of our pint-sized protagonists with their trailblazing cosmetic lines.

But these kids are also falling under the spell of increasingly youthful TikTok and YouTube influencers with 6-digits-and-counting followers. Social media has become their digital playground, where the line between play and tutorial blurs into an empowering blend of learning and fun.
These mini women can pronounce niacinamide acid faster than I can. But is this ok?

The Ethical Elephant in the Room

While skincare specialists are intrigued by these mini moguls’ foray into the cosmetics arena, numerous dermatologists express concern. Applying products designed for mature skin can lead to undue harm, including rashes, allergic responses, and even skin burns.

Dermatologists also level accusations at certain cosmetic brands, like Drunk Elephant with its whimsical design, for appealing directly to the Sephora Kids’ sensibilities.

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But beyond cosmetic concerns, a pressing question looms: Why are children so fixated on their looks and the spectre of ageing?

The Future in a Foundation Bottle?

Childhood is meant for play and discovery, yet platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are encroaching on this sacred time. If you’re the parent of an 8-year-old who’s schooling you on achieving ‘glass skin,’ it’s time to intervene. How, you ask? Assert your authority and pare down her screen time. Dive into the world of books together; literature is a wellspring of influence and creativity. Enrol her in a dance class to foster bodily awareness and grace. Instead of going to Sephora, take your daughter out for a bike ride. And most importantly, nurture her spiritual growth. Remember, true beauty emanates from the soul, not from a syringe.

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