We asked our readers what is the fashion trend they dislike the most And the winner is...

TrendsSeptember 01, 2021

Fashion is cyclic, we know it, and things we swore we’d never wear again are suddenly back on-trend, and we end up loving them once more. For example, the ‘80s puffy sleeves, oversized shoulders, and mullets became a total No-Go in the 2000s and, 20 years later, not only do we see them everywhere but also, we like them! Nevertheless, our readers abominate some fashion trends they think are unflattering, even though many people seem to enjoy them. In fact, we’ve asked our readers which fashion trends they dislike the most, and the answers were quite interesting. Among the most voted were clothes that show more than they should. For example, tight leggings in thin fabrics, ultra-low waist jeans, and visible G-Strings like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé have worn. 

So, with no further ado, here are the winners from our “the most disliked fashion trends” survey.

The winner in the women’s category is:

According to Notorious readers, the number one most disliked women’s fashion trend is by far short shorts. You know the ones we’ve seen all summer, even in the city centre of big capitals. Our fashion-savvy readers were unanimous in stating this trend is unflattering.

Although many celebrities were spotted wearing the extra short shorts called Daisy Dukes, underbutt or butt cleavage is a difficult trend to pull off. And even though we’re all for women feeling confident about their bodies, we understand those who say the cut of these shorts showing women’s butt cheeks looks weird and isn’t appealing. Additionally, they dislike this fashion trend because it’s uncomfortable; imagine sitting on a hot bench or, even worse, a bus seat with your nearly bare bottom?

The winner in the men’s category is:

Our readers were adamant about men’s fashion and considered saggy trousers the worst trend; sorry, Justin. Harem pants or trousers worn sagging down the waist are the most disliked fashion trend and our readers’ reasons for hating them are hilarious. Some say it looks as if men were wearing huge diapers. Others think men in saggy trousers seem to be hybrids or ETs with too-long torsos and tiny legs.

This trend originated in American prisons where inmates would signal they were “available” by wearing pants below their underwear and later became a must for rappers. According to most of our readers, this fashion trend is definitely aesthetically unflattering and should be banned ASAP. Plus, we imagine it must be quite challenging and stressful walking in trousers that are about to fall off at every step you take.

Title image: collage by Notorious-Mag.

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