The Lingerie Winter Trends You Need To Know Now Underwear to show off.

December 18, 2019

Underwear is not as hidden as it used to be, this is why this winter, the lingerie trends go hand-in-hand with fashion. Visible lingerie is a micro-trend for winter 2020, but not only. From what we saw in Chloé, Gucci and Burberry Spring 2020 runway shows, we’ll be wearing lace-trimmed slip dresses, bras and corsets over vintage-looking dresses next season too.

Although we need to pack ourselves in multiple layers of thick fabrics during the cold season, we still want the very first of these layers to be particularly soft and smooth. In this case, delicate, light materials as silk or lace, which are the complete opposite of the chunky knitted jumpers we are wearing overhead. 

So we went through all the shops to select the best lingerie winter trends ones for you. Trust us, these are the only underwear you’ll want to wear this winter:

Dark Florals

Dark Florals is one of the main trends that designers like Richard Quinn and Prada presented on the catwalks for winter 2020. You should adopt this fashion trend for your underwear too.

Animal Print

Designers and fashion enthusiasts can’t have enough of animal prints, which, by the way, you will keep seeing everywhere this winter. So you may as well include the beloved print in your lingerie drawer too.

Bold Colours

It may be cold and snowy outside, but under your garments, it feels like summertime thanks to your bright coloured lingerie.

Earthy Hues

The playful underwear with contrasting colours in earthy hues is so cute you will want to wear them with sheer tops or oversised shirts that will allow a little bit of colour to show from underneath.

Polka Dots

Since the summer craze with THE dress, polka dots have invaded the streets, and our Instagram feeds. Polka dots are a trend from the ’90s that you’ll see not only this winter but also throughout spring 2020.

Lace, Lace, Lace

According to designers, underwear should become outwear this winter, but we wouldn’t recommend you to go as far as wearing your bra over dresses and tops. Instead, show hints of your lace-trimmed lingerie under an unbuttoned cardigan or oversised pullover; it is subtle and sexier. Wear beautiful lace underwear to give a feminine touch to denim or leather shirts that are a major trend this winter.


And last but not least, the body-shaping bodysuits that give you a beautiful silhouette. They are practical for winter as they keep the lower back covered and warm, and dresses fall perfectly over a bodysuit. You can also wear the bodies that have a turtleneck under a shirt with the top buttons undone, as we showed you in the article “How to look stylish in a turtleneck“. Not only will you feel warm but also, very on-trend.

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